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Weighing Options

Well, I think we’re making progress in our decision making. I really wish the white would work for us because I really do adore it in so many others’ homes, we’re just not feeling it in the living room. I gotta remember that I have my white bedroom, and I get my white, bright and airy fix waking up every morning (dur, except for these lame winter months).

That’s the one decision we’ve made. Now that white is out, blue is in. Out of the four color selections that I posted about yesterday I picked two to paint bigger swatches (aka corners) in the living room. We’re giving ‘Galapagos Turquoise’ and ‘Dragonfly’ a test drive. There’s pro’s and con’s to both and thus the decision making continues…

*Please feel free to tune me out at this point because I am just a crazy lady who can’t stop thinking, dreaming, and talking about paint colors. I’m sure it’s getting a little obsessive, I know my husband thinks so.

Galapagos Turquoise

Seriously why do they send paint samples in a semi-gloss?

Option Numero Uno

The ‘Galapagos Turquoise’ is very blue and dark, (this is what I had envisioned the color being) but, now that it’s on the wall I’m just not sure. For one, the dark blue brings out the red in the wood trim, something the old blue complimented and toned down. Secondly it’s pretty dark. I know I wanted it to be really dark, but I’m not sure if I can go that dark. At night it’s almost black. I am however aware of the fact that I might just not be used to this color and that’s why I’m having such an extreme aversion. I mean, I did think in my head that it would be perfect.

Option Numero Dos

The ‘Dragonfly’ on the other hand is beautiful. It’s way more green than I thought that I wanted, but the second I started putting it up on the wall I started digging it in a major way. It’s reminiscent of the ‘Hallowed Hush‘ (from before) but, it’s slightly greener and much darker and almost the same tone. There is something about a color like this that almost reads as a neutral color would. Whereas the ‘Galapagos Turqoise’ corner only reads as dark blue and will have to be complimented with very specific colors because it is just so blue. The ‘Dragonfly’ wall could go with so many different hues and tones including any shade of yellow, pink, melon and coral. It’s a color that would sit in the background and wouldn’t scream a color, yet at the sametime it’s very colorful and dynamic. The downside of choosing this color is being lame. I would not be stepping out of my comfort zone when what I really wanted is something new and fresh (oh, and absolutely perfect).

After doing some more internet research I discovered that ‘Newburg Green‘ (also a Ben Moore paint color) might be a good combination of the two, and guess what? I have a sample of it in my garage from when we painted the exterior of the house back in May. I’m gonna let that defrost for a bit, (get it, it’s cold here) and then throw up a swatch of ‘Newburg Green’ to increase our decision making options even more!! Baah!

I understand that this might not be the best way to make a decision about paint colors, but I don’t care. I just want to get it right and be happy with it. I trust my gut and I know that I will make the right choice in the end, it’s just the process that’s tedious.

Those of you who took the time to read all that… Thank you!, and hang in there, a decision is right around the corner :)

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11 comments… add one
  • Alexa January 10, 2013

    This is a dumb question but I noticed your semi-gloss comment. What’s your preferred gloss for indoor paint? None at all?

    • Scoops January 10, 2013

      Hey Alexa,

      Flat!, always flat for my walls. You can probably tell in the photos that my walls are not perfect. That plaster has been dingged up over the years, the semi-gloss just emphasizes all of that. Flat paint or matte hides the imperfections perfectly.

    • Scoops January 10, 2013

      Also, if my walls were perfect I might consider an egg shell with a dark paint color just to reflect light around a bit, but not an option for me.

      • Alexa January 11, 2013

        Thanks!! And I totally dig the Dragonfly!

  • Ali January 10, 2013

    Love option 2 :)

  • Anya January 10, 2013

    No need to apologize for obsessing over paint colors, that’s the stuff dreams are made of. I bought 5 quarts of white paint before I decided on the right “hue”. Who buys five different shades of white?? I DO!
    Yesterday when you posted the options I was team ‘Galapagos Turquoise’ however, now that I see the ‘Dragonfly’ painted in a larger swatch I’m switching teams. ‘Dragonfly’ is still a rich color without being so “hey look at me I’m a big blue room!!”
    Can’t wait to see the Newburg, Thanks for sharing.

    • Scoops January 11, 2013

      Your comment made me commit, thanks for much for sharing your input with me!

  • Martha January 11, 2013

    ¡Número Dos!

  • whitney January 11, 2013

    I painted my bedroom in a color similar to your first option (in fact, that turquoise was one of the runner’s up). While I do love it, I have some regrets. It does, as you mentioned, bring out the red in my natural wood trim in way I wasn’t expecting. It is also very dark and very punchy. The most common thing people say when they see it for the first time is, “Whoa! Blue!” I will probably repaint at some point in the near future.

    Good luck!

    • Scoops January 11, 2013

      It really is a pretty, rich and velvety color. It’s hard to resist it and I was so close to choosing it. I’m sure it would have been bold, and while I think it would’ve looked great I was afraid I couldn’t pull it off with the furniture and other accessories. That was why I bailed on it. If it makes you happy you should keep it, but I TOTALLY understand wanting a change too.

  • Rachael Marie January 11, 2013

    I totally dig option numero dos! Green is considered a cool color but, the greener shade of this paint seems more warm and welcoming. Go for it!

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