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Saving up Projects

Projects to do : Kitchen and Bedroom
Yo buddies! You know what my favorite thing to do in the whole world is, right? Projects around the house! I love it so much, and I miss not having any to do lately! Ahh!

Last year I made a conscious effort to put away the home projects in the summertime. Instead I’m focused on enjoying the weather, spending time in my gardens, and playing with the kids. Having the summer to focus on the summer is the right move, and I’m doing it again this year (if you haven’t noticed). No indoor projects! I mean, I have all winter to be cooped up indoors doing house projects. Still, my summertime dedication doesn’t keep me from getting the itch for a good old indoor project from time to time.

I’ve been making a mental list of things I need to get cracking on when the fall comes, and the list is piling up! In an effort not to forget anything, I thought I’d take a sec and put it all together in a nice and tidy blog post. Whether or not you know it, this blog is as much a running notebook of ideas to keep me sane, as it is a blog. I constantly reference the blog looking up paint colors, seeds for the garden, supplies I used, and recipes.

So here’s the list.

The Kitchen (an inexpensive, labor intensive revamp)
This is the big project! The kitchen was #1 on my renovation projects when we moved in, but other things have come up and it’s always getting bumped to the back of the list. I imagine a complete kitchen overhaul is a good 5-6 years away if not more. In the meantime, I have to get rid of that copper backsplash! Guys, I know it’s okay and all, but I just don’t like it, I never have. I’ve wanted to rip it out since the very first day. In an effort to disguise it I painted the walls turquoise thinking that it would compliment the backsplash instead of highlight it, unlike the beige paint from before did. I just don’t like it the copper anymore! I’m going to remove the copper, hope for normal dry wall behind it, and try my hand at some inexpensive subway tile action. I am also going to paint the cream colored cabinets and the walls white, and replace the light fixture. It’s gonna take forever, but the results will make me happy, and it will get me through the interim, until we make it to cool-new-kitchen-time down the road.

Wallpapering in the bedroom
A long time ago I made a list of wallpapers for the far wall in our bedroom. I’m still way into a black and white graphic wallpaper, and would like to dive into that project as soon as the weather changes.

Projects to do : Kid's Room & Porch Sofa
Reupholstering the porch sofa
One project I’m zeroing in on is figuring out how to reupholster the seat cushions for the upstairs porch sofa… myself. They currently are pinned in place with some old curtains that I cut up. I’d really like to take on (and succeed) at reupholstering these babies. I’m a little scurred (aka cool way of saying “scared”).

I mentioned the other day that we were considering bunk beds for the kid’s soon-to-be shared room. Having the kids sharing a room means repurposing old furniture and adjusting the layout so that the room works for both boys. I am really looking forward to figuring this out, and hoping for cool results. Also, changing up the paint color might be in the cards too, we’ll see.

This also means that Gus’ old nursery will need to transform into a guest room / office? I dunno, the future of the room still needs to be determined. I do know one sad thing, some of our best friends (Matt and Katie) are moving away (major sad face) and we would like to have a place to host them when they come for visits.

I think I have a pretty good list going here, do you think it’s enough to get me through the winter? I know one thing, I’m already getting so excited!

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9 comments… add one
  • Ursula July 28, 2013

    if you ever need more projects to keep you busy, i’m in need of ideas for our house!

    • Scoops July 30, 2013

      I’d always help with ideas for your house but I don’t think it needs any, it’s already so amazingly awesome.

  • Heather July 28, 2013

    I too have a list of projects mounting, and my kitchen keeps being shuffled to the back of that list! Many years ago, I took an upholstery class offered by a local adult school, you might want to check if you have something similar. It didn’t cost that much, and the teacher was knowledgeable and very laid back – it was fun and I learned a lot.

    • Scoops July 30, 2013

      That’s good advice, as I get closer to project go time I’ll look into classes being offered locally. Or I’ll go to my old standby – the internet.

  • Laura August 19, 2013

    If you sew, (and you sew, right?) that couch should be pretty easy. And I am an upholsterer, (here in Mpls) so if you need and questions answered or direction, let me know! I love helping solve problems and being a resource.

    • Scoops August 20, 2013

      Hey Laura, Yeah I sew enough to get by, I’ve done curtains and pillows and things like that. If I get stuck I can catch on pretty quick with a good old youtube vid, so I am hopeful I can figure out a few simple cushions.

      That is so super sweet of you to offer to assistance if needed!!!, I will probably take you up on that. One of the big questions I have right now is where is the best place to purchase new foam for the cushions?

      Thank you!
      BTW, what is your upholstery shop called?

      • Laura August 22, 2013

        Your biggest question is the easiest answer: Rochford Supply. It’s up in Brooklyn Park (Not far from SR Harris if you are familiar with that bargain fabric fabulousness), and they have All The Upholstery Supplies and sell to the public. There are about a million types of foam, and they sell them in sheets. They *can* cut for you (for $5 a cut) but if you have an electric knife you can do it easy peasy. My upholstery shop is Lahlo Shelter, my website is still just my old, not recently updated blog (whoops! I should get on that.). Feel free to email me with any other questions!

        • Scoops August 23, 2013

          Oh thank you! I will totally make that my first stop as soon as I dive into the project. It was so nice of you to give me some advice! I might be coming to you again once I actually start the project. Also, I’ve always wanted to be a reupholster, who knows, maybe this will start it for me, do you love it?

          • Laura August 23, 2013

            I do love it. It is VERY VERY physically demanding. You sweat a lot, and get dirty, which I don’t mind. If you enjoy the demo part of home projects (which I do), then you’d probably like upholstery work. It’s a very similar mindset (Something gross with potential! All the dirty work to get it to the bones! Making new design choices! ALL THE CHOICES! LOOK AT MY NEW PRETTY!) to all home design work. It takes the right blend of personality to achieve “That looks good ENOUGH” you can’t be a perfectionist, but you have to make it look GOOD. If you want to come by my studio sometime and get some tips/learn some basics, lemme know. I’m a teacher at heart.

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