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Instructions and Parts list for minimalist DIY & Black Globe Light Fixture
I know quite a few of you were interested in how I made the pendant light fixtures from our downstairs bathroom. Because I am probably one of your most favorite DIY bloggers, I wanted to share with you a detailed parts list, with instructions! Please note, that a lot of these parts come as straight brass or steel and you’ll have to paint them if you want them to have a black finish like mine do. As per usej, I love rust-oleum universal flat black paint, it’s always my go-to.

In other news, I hope you guys are having a cool start to the week. I am still very much looking forward to spring arriving in the MPLS. I’ve got a whole bunch of projects I want to get started in the yard, but it’s just not warm enough yet! The last weeks before spring really are always the hardest to get through. Say a prayer for me.

Instructions and Parts list for minimalist DIY & Black Globe Light Fixture
Please, if you’re not familiar with electrical wiring contact an electrician

  • Disassemble the socket and attach the wires
  • Reassemble the socket with the wires feeding out the end
  • Thread the wire through the neckless holder and dome shade
  • Thread the wire through a 19″ piece of brass tubing
  • Sandwich the dome, shade and neckless holder between the socket and 19″ brass pipe
  • Screw the brass pipe into the top of the socket
  • Tighten the screw on the top of the socket onto the 19″ brass pipe
  • Slide the slip ring onto the brass pipe from the end with the wire – leave the slip ring loose
  • Thread the wire through the coupling, canopy, washer and star lock
  • Thread the coupling onto the 19″ brass pipe
  • Thread the hex nut onto the threaded nipple
  • Thread the wires through the threaded nipple
  • Begin threading the threaded nipple onto the coupling sandwiching the canopy, washer and star lock inbetween
  • Tighten the nut on the threaded nipple
  • Disconnect power, turn off the breaker
  • Attach mounting bracket to the electric box
  • Connect the wires from the sconce to the wires in the box using the orange nuts and electrical tape. Again, if you’re not sure how to do this, contact an electrician
  • Use the mounting bracket and ball knobs to attach the fixture to the wall
  • Slide up the dome shade and attach the dome to the neckless holder
  • Light bulb!
  • Tighten slip ring firmly to the dome shade
  • Turn the breaker back on
Instructions and Parts list for minimalist DIY & Black Globe Light Fixture
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8 comments… add one
  • Courtney March 21, 2017

    I am obsessed with your light tutorials! I spent three hours the other night reading through your tutorials and searching the Grand Brass website! I finally ordered some parts for a chandelier and I can not wait for them to come in this week! Thanks so much for the detailed instructions!


    • Scoops March 21, 2017

      Yeah Courtney! I love scouring over the grandbrass site. I have spent many a lazy weekend morning scheming on my ipad and putting things into my pretend shopping cart. You’re gonna love making your own chandelier! If you feel like sharing, post a pic when you’re done!

  • E B March 21, 2017

    This is amazing. I’ve been looking at brand name lights that look exactly like this for about x3 times the price! Quick question: If I wanted to shorten the length of the pendent so that the light is more of a semi-flush mount, would the only part that I need to tweak the length of threaded steel pipe? Looks like you chose the 19″ one but I was thinking more like 3 or 4″ for a hallway overhead light. Do you foresee any issues with this? Thanks so much for the awesome tutorial!

    • Scoops March 21, 2017

      Hey there! Yes, you’d just sub out the 1/4 inch piping for whatever length you choose, and I think 3″ or 4″ sounds perfect. I’d err on the side of 4″ as you need to be able to slide the dome shade up to unhook the glass globe from the neckless holder. Does that make sense? Let me know if you need more info. Here’s a link to Grand Brass 1/4″ threaded piping section :)

  • cinq April 27, 2017

    Thank you so much for your tutorials! I live in the UK and will need to change the wire and bulb socket accordingly. Do you have any suggestions on that end?
    Keep posting these tutorials, I just bought a house and will need lots of lamps!

  • Susan May 16, 2017

    I’m considering these pendants for my bathroom remodel — they are awesome! And thankfully, my dad is a retired electrician with time on his hands, haha. My only question is, What type of light bulb did you use? Thanks! Your fan, Susan

  • Deanna Ryan May 13, 2018

    Are these two lights bright enough for a basement bathroom (no windows)? What bulbs are you using. Hubby has a project now!!

  • Laura Fondacaro May 23, 2018

    Hey bathroom rocker! My English is shit as hell, so please be pashiend with me. ;) I’m in love with your Black and white style. Saw this pic on Pinterest and if you could share the product name of the carpet with me, I would love your brilliance even more. :D for real, i’m Looking for something like that for a long time… too long I would say… you can take this catastrophe to an happy end. thank you! Laura

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