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Canning Stash

Yayer! Excited to finally show off my canning stash. I’m out of jars so I’m throwing in the towel and calling this season done.

This was my first time ever canning, and I really enjoyed it. It didn’t hurt that we were pulling veggies out of the garden and had our CSA boxes coming ever other week. We were on veggie overload especially in the tomato and cucumber department. I’ve spent quite a few afternoon nap seshes steaming up the house and preparing new recipes.

I went hog wild in the pickling department because I love eating anything with vinegar and salt and since it was my first time canning I wanted to make sure food was preserved properly. The pickling puts my mind at ease. Not only that, being a born and bread midwestern girl my favorite fall meal is crackers, cheese and salami with a cold beer. The perfect accompaniment to this fav meal of course is anything pickled. So here’s the run down of what I tried this year.

▼ Bloody Mary Mix
▼ Spicy Habanero Pickles
▼ Garlic Dill Pickles
▼ Spicy Beans
▼ Dill Green Beans
▼ Spicy Marinara
▼ Not Spicy Marinara (for the kiddos)
▼ Pickled Cherry Tomatoes
▼ Spicy Cauliflower and Carrots
▼ Sauerkraut
▼ Pickled Beets
▼ Whole Tomtaoes
▼ Jalapeños

So who else tried canning this year? What was the favorite thing you canned? Super curious over here so please share!

Update: I started a pinterest board with some of the recipes I used incase you’re interested in trying.

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Winter Window Boxes

1 / 2 / 3 / 4
When it comes to my window boxes I tend to get competitive. There are some homeowners out there who are so damn good at arranging beautiful window boxes no matter what the season. I want to be one of them and am envious of their arranging skills. My goal is to rank among the fancy ones this season. Watch out pine, spruce, and other wonderful fall things – I’m coming for you.

I’ve been searching pinterest, flickr and good old google image search for inspiration and here are some of my favorite finds. These are window boxes that I would be jealous of, aren’t you? My fav is the first with the limey green bows because I am a sucker for lime green and I love how it is offset by the red. The arrangement with the white accents offers some great inspiration. I’ve put together boxes before with fall clippings from my yard and gone to town spray painting hydrangea, sticks and pine cones white. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to throw together a cohesive look

Do you put out fall arrangements? Do you buy your stash or hunt and gather, what are your best tips and tricks? I wanna know!

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Fern Got a New Look

Hello out there! MAN, I’ve been sick again, this is twice in one month and this time I was miserable and the kids were miserable too. I’m finally starting to feel better today.

Being sick has really had an effect on my October to-do list. Holy moly. Nothing is getting done. I did manage to get my fern inside before the frost came. Jeff hates this fern, HATES it. Because why would you like something that brings life and greenery into your house? I understand that the size of this fern has gotten out of control, it nearly touches the floor when I hang it in the porch off our bedroom. For real, it must be four feet in length. It was starting to get a little brown because I wasn’t a diligent waterer this summer and sometimes Jeff grilled right underneath where it was hanging in the backyard (an accident?, I think not). So it got a hair cut in a major way. Mostly this was an attempt to avoid a future fern assassination. Who hates plants anyways? Have a heart Jeff, geez.

The fern last fall

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Spending the day with Grandpa

After intending to meet with Grandpa for lunch since the spring we finally had a day to make it happen. Elsa was off visiting her Grandma and Grandpa this week so the boys and I were free to head downtown and go to the top floor of Grandpa’s office building. It was a dream come true for Finn, in one view he could see the Twin’s Stadium, Target Center, the Mississippi River and the city trains. Gus was not impressed by the view and settled for a paper clip party on Grandpa’s desk. Kid Heaven.

We also go to ride elevators really fast, go in skyways over the street, park underground and eat pizza. Woah.

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Fall To-Do

I’m getting caught up in the fall, sort of. There is so much to do to get the house and yard ready for cold weather, it’s overwhelming and honestly I’m like a deer in the headlights when it comes to getting things done. There is just so much to do.

Publicly making a to-do list is how I’m going to hold myself accountable, obviously. Isn’t that how everybody does it?


Cut Back Plants
Clean up Veggie Garden and add Compost
▼ Prune Dogwoods
Rake Leaves
Fall/Winter Window Boxes
Plant Tulip Bulbs
▼ Replace Light Fixture over Side Door
▼ Find a Docksta Table for cheap
Clean out Garage
▼ Clean Out Storage Space in the Basement
Close Storm Windows
▼ Finish Painting the Bathroom
▼ Replace Fixtures in the Bathroom
▼ Replace Towel Bars in the Bathroom
Reupholster Dining Table Chairs
Paint the Kitchen Ceiling
Lose 5 Lbs
Get Eyes Checked and Order New Glasses

Sometimes blogging helps when it comes to getting things done. I always want to have new interesting DIY content to share with you on a regular basis and so often having to blog about it gets my butt in gear. This sort of to-do stuff is not blog worthy and actually makes it hard to get done because I know that I have nothing exciting to tell you about. You feel me dawgs?

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