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I’m out numbered, by a lot!

I might be crazy, but I took on watching my good friend’s baby girl, Penny, on Mondays. Yesterday was our first day together, and I’m happy to report we all survived. You might remember that I helped Penny’s mom and dad (Beak & Cam) get the nursery together prior to Penny’s arrival.

My mom might not have known what she was getting into but she volunteered to help get me through my first few Mondays until me and the crew got into the swing of things. We’re figuring it out as we go but that’s the only way to do it. I have always felt that you just have to dive right in when it comes to kids, sink or swim, and most of the time we end up swimmin’.

My Mom rules!

Penny has been welcomed with open arms by the other kids, although Gus is not so sure and has turned into quite the little bottle thief. Finn and Elsa on the other hand have been a great help and like tending to Penny’s needs. I’m looking forward to all these crazy kids growing up together and I think it’s important that they do!

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If I were Rich : Loll Outdoor Furniture

I came across Loll Designs last week while surfing the interwebz and I was in love as soon as I saw the word “DUH” on the lid of their outdoor fire pit. Loll is an outdoor modern furniture company based in Duluth, MN. Founded in 2003, Loll makes all of their designs from recycled materials, not only are their products eco friendly but the furniture is perfectly functional for outdoor hanging and super cool looking to boot.

Unfortunately at $339 a chair and $500 for a fire pit, the prices are a little too rich for my blood. I would love to order up a set of 4 Cabrio lounge chairs, a fire pit and a wallbanger (aka outdoor-wall-mounted-cocktail-caddy), but unless they offer these pieces on super sale, it’s not happening for me. I still admire the design and if money was no thang these chairs would already be ordered and on their way.

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Aunt Fern’s Egg Bake

This egg bake represents one of the best breakfast recipes on record! It’s so good, that I might regret even sharing it with you. It’s world famous and I have all my friends convinced that I invented it, the truth is I embellished it, and my Aunt Fern invented it. You know us midwesterners excel at bakes and casseroles, it’s in the genes and this proves it.

I baked up another batch over labor day weekend as we enjoyed a lazy Monday morning. It never fails. Gus had his first tastes too and is just as hooked as the rest of us.

It doesn’t really make sense, but the extra sharp Cracker Barrel cheddar cheese is key to this recipe, don’t use anything else or it won’t be as delish, believe me, I’ve tried.

Aunt Fern’s Egg Bake

Preheat oven to 325ºIn a greased 9 x 13 Pyrex baking pan layer in order

▼ 8 slices of sourdough bread cubed
▼ 1 lb pre-cooked ham cubed
▼ 1/2 lb Cracker Barrel sharp cheddar cubed
In a small bowl combine the following:
▼ 5 beaten eggs
▼ 1-1/2 cup milk
▼ 1 tsp dry mustard
▼ 1 tsp salt
Pour the egg mixture evenly over the bread, ham and cheese layers.
Melt 1 stick of butter and drizzle over the top.
You can make this in advance, freeze it or put it in the fridge overnight (covered).
Bake 1 hour (possibly slightly more, depending on your oven). Let set 10 – 15 minutes before cutting. Makes 12 pieces at Aunt Fern’s house and 8 pieces at mine.

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Bathroom Dreamin’

Alright, I’m diving right into my first fall project. One of my readers asked last March why I hadn’t done any bathroom updates and that got me thinking… Why hadn’t I?

Our house has two bathrooms, one is located on the 2nd floor, and is shared between all the bedrooms. The other in the basement, the scary, scary, spidery basement. It’s reserved only for late night parties when we need to keep the upstairs quiet for the kids. The 2nd floor bathroom was updated by the previous owners within the last 10 years, unfortunately they used cheap tile, glass blocks and really awful light fixtures, I can barely stand the way it looks. The important thing is that it functions, and that has been enough for us over the last 2.5 years, until now.

So, it’s official, the upstairs bathroom is next on my list of things to tackle this fall! Like I said, it is 100% functional and since we do not have tens of thousands of dollars to throw at it right now, I’ll try chucking less than a grand at it (hopefully less than $500 if I’m a good shopper) and we’ll see what happens.

There are a few things that I would like to incorporate into the room. First, I have been sitting on a gallon of paint from Farrow & Ball in Arsenic green, I love the color! Originally I thought I might use it for painting furniture but am now considering it in the bathroom. Two-thirds of our bathroom is tiled from the floor up, allowing the walls to handle a stronger color like Arsenic, I think it could work. Secondly, I picked up 6 striped cabinet drawer knobs at Anthropolgie last spring when they were on mega sale and I’d like to incorporate those too because I love them.

I started window shopping and have been playing around with textiles and accessories that I’ve found online. We also plan on updating the fixtures, replacing the towel bars and hardware, and adding a new round mirror. I’m really liking where it’s headed and I think the accessories are starting to tie the green walls, and striped knobs together. As any project goes, nothing is set in stone but I’ve come up with a reasonable guide to follow.

What do you think? Check out my shopping guide below for more on the plan.

  Wata Waffle BathTowels $60 – Calvin Klein
  Reversible Yellow Hand Towel $10 – Crate & Barrel
  Racing Stripe Knob $9 – Anthropologie
  Towel Hook – Home Depot
  24 inch Towel Bar $32 – Home Depot
  Feather Gray Striped Shower Curtain $39 – West Elm
  Contour Double Sconce $79 – West Elm
  Contour Semi Flush Fixture $69 – West Elm
  Danze Almafi 4 inch Faucet $181 – Home Depot
  Pleated Stripe Bath Mat $29 – West Elm
  Grundtal Mirror $40 – Ikea
  Honeycomb Bath Accessories $12 – West Elm


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It’s Almost Over

Hope you all got to enjoy the long weekend, I know we did. We took a trip to the Minnesota State Fair on Sunday with Elsa and her family. This was not our greatest idea as parents of young kids, but you gotta get out of the house sometimes. It was 60% stressful and 40% fun but I’m glad we went. The kids loved it as long as they were on a ride or eating food. Walking long distances is not cool if you are 4 or under.

Labor Day weekend always marks the unofficial end of summer. It seems to be pretty accurate too, this weekend was super hot and today is supposed to be our last day of 90º weather. From tomorrow on out temperatures are predicted in the 70º’s, hello fall! I always feeling mixed emotions about the end of the summer, of course I love the summer. I love being able to enjoy our yard, garden’s and front porch but I am feeling the itch to get cozy and head into a new cooler season. Bring on the crock pot meals, apple crisps and hot whiskey drinks!

Finn is starting his first year of pre school next week and that is crazy for me. I’m so happy for him, as he has been waiting and waiting to go. I have had a few teary eyed moments leading up this new adventure but I am so amped for him to go and start this new phase of his kid life. He has no reservations about starting school, he’s so eager to make friends and learn new things, I am so proud of his ability to take life head on.

Fall also marks the start of in-door-project season! I swore off indoor projects once the spring arrived and dedicated all my spare time to relaxing with the fam or investing in the gardens. I am really excited to dive into some house stuff. I a have plans for a mini bathroom makeover, and of course will have to spend some time getting the kitchen back in gear after our ceiling is repaired. And I seriously can’t get wait to get back to Ikea along with all my other favorite shops, decor haunts and hardware stores. It’s been too long that we’ve been apart.

I’m excited to share my upcoming projects with you! What are you looking forward to doing this fall?

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