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And the Winner Is…

Congrats to Meredith who won the super cool Leisure Class Bracelet!! Way to go lady!

Thanks to everyone who entered! I loved hearing about your Fourth of July adventures.

Thanks to Annie for sponsoring the giveaway!

Have a sweet weekend everybody!

P.S. Finn wrote out everyone’s name’s with a pen on college ruled notebook paper. He refused to write them any bigger than the lines :)

P.S.S. Excuse the messy face. That’s just how we roll.

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Tyte Navigation

Because half the fun of having a blog is playing around with code and design (well at least for me it is) I thought I’d introduce you to a few small changes that have taken place in the henhouse blog land.

I’ve been thinking really hard about the organization of the posts. I would like to present them to you in a manner that make my content super accessible and easy to navigate.

The first major change in this blog navigation renovation comes to the top menu bar. I’ve change the tabs; before they read “around the house,” “parties,” and “DIY//Crafts” now they read “house tour,” “parties,” and “projects”. Instead of having a page that just pulled from a category or tag labeled within the post they now have been organized and edited to bring you the latest and greatest projects, parties, and house revamps. And they look pretty tyte too :)

Please let me know if you have any issues with the way the site functions. I plan on making over the navigation bar located in the right sidebar in the very new future.


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Tutorial : Present Poms

Paint Colors, Ahh.



Hey e’rebody! I don’t know about you but I have a TON of wonderful people in my life who have July birthdays. If you didn’t know, July is a super trendy month to have a birthday ;)

I was having trouble wrapping some gifts earlier this week for Finn’s 4th birthday. Bows were in short supply so I decided to whip up some yarn poms and use them in place of bows. I’m loving the way they turned out. I’ve been totally crushing on the poms my friend Crystal makes for ALL Knitwear hats. Her poms are super cute, so cute that they have infiltrated my brain. I luvre them. So, when I was trying to wrap presents on the fly with kraft paper (aka brown paper bags) I went straight for the yarn bag to try and spiff it up a bit and ended up with these cute pom bows.

In case you don’t know how to make a pom, I thought I’d share a quick tutorial with you. Now you can liven up your July bday gifts too.


Trace and cut out two donuts

I mashed together a few different tutorials but took the most from a tutorial over at prudent baby.

First things first, to make a pom you need to cut out two donut rings from cardboard. Being that I suck at drawing circles free hand and I don’t have a compass I traced the bottom of an Ikea glass for the outer ring and a 1 inch button for the inner. YOU DO NOT need to be exact, so don’t stress if it’s not perfect.


Begin wrapping Yarn

Once you get your two donut shapes put them together side by side and start wrapping a piece of colorful yarn (approximately three feet in length). I work the poms in three foot sections of yarn because any longer than that and it gets difficult. Plus this way you can incorporate a lot of different colors.

P.S. you don’t need to tie a knot or anything like that either. I just held the loose end with my left hand and wrapped with my right.


Wrap one or more colors

Above you can see the I wrapped a first round in orange and then overlapped it with a second color in blue. Feel free to do many layers, the more layers the more dense and full your pom will be :)

[click to continue…]

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Quick Getaway

It was awesome to get an unexpected call from my good buddy Matt last week asking if we (the fam and I) could meet at his cabin for his 31st birthday celebraish! First of all, Matt is an awesome dude and a super good old friend, of course we wanted to celebrate his birthday with him. Secondly, he decided we should celebrate by driving to his majorly awesome family cabin to hang for the weekend. Uh, of course we will be there, when do you want us, duh?

So we packed up our new awesome family station wagon and headed north for the long holiday weekend.

We arrived late the first night, put the kids down and headed straight to the lake. The water was seriously warmer than the air. There is nothing better than a lake that also functions as a hot tub. We drank beers while swimming and saluted our good friend on the celebration of the day of his birth.

The next morning we woke up, packed up the kids, and hopped in our old friend “the party barge,” an early 90’s era pontoon who never disappoints. We were off to dodge rain clouds in the middle of a stormy lake. Puttering around the lake didn’t last long, due to the rain so we headed back to the cabin spending the afternoon eating homemade hamburgers and buns indoors.

Luckily, Saturday was “abundantly sunny” and the skies were clear. We set sail and headed out for a day in the sun. We made stops at all our favorite places along the way including Pee Island, Hidden Island, and Shiny Castle.

Man, you can’t beat the cabin, always a totally special time. I was thrilled that my oldest son/fish, Finn decided to hop on the tube and give it a try. We weren’t crusing too fast and he loved it. He refused to get off the tube alternating rides with different “grown ups.” We had to tow him the entire ride home. I love making family memories at this special awesome place.

Little Penny (aka Nelpz) made some pretty big first memories at the cabin too. She had a very successful first trip but made a habit of keeping her folks up nearly the entire time. Hopefully she’ll get it figured out before our cabin reunion next month and her parents can get a little time to rest, OR crush brews with tyte bros, whatever they’re in to.. Got it Penny, your Auntie Scoops is warning ya!


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Leisure Class : Bracelet Giveaway!

Yeah guys!

I’m super excited to share a new giveaway with you. You know I haven’t done many of these but I am SO amped about this because

    A.) This jewelry is awesome
    B.) This stuff is made in the M P L S
    C.) It makes me happy.

Let me introduce to you Leisure Class, a Minneapolis based jewelry shop that makes its home on Etsy. At the Leisure Class shop you can find wonderfully unique beaded bracelets and necklaces. All Leisure Class jewelry feature bright colored beads, strung on leather or beautiful vibrant thread mashed up and accented with larger wooden, polymer, ceramic, faceted and hand painted beads. Combining bright colors and cool textures results in a totally fun and playful one-of-a-kind piece, (and something I would love to wear).

Annie Yiling Wang is the brains behind Leisure Class. She makes her living as an art director and designer at Target’s inHouse design studio. While her day job is graphic designer/art director and now jewelry maker it didn’t initially start out that way. She’s originally from Los Angeles, but moved to the Twin Cities (aka Deuce Cities) in 2008 to get her second degree in graphic design at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (represent!). She’s began making jewelry recently as an extension of her creative work.

Annie see’s each piece as is its own miniature collage and I find this a perfect way to describe her jewelry.

The Leisure Class bracelet that Annie is putting up for grabs is made of greek ceramic beads, lava rock, faceted rose beads, and a mixmash of other smaller beads strung on red silk thread. (Don’t ya love it?)
It fits a medium sized wrist, the total length being 6.5″.

If you’d like to enter this super cool giveaway here are the deets:
  ▼ This Giveaway is for the bracelet pictured in the above photos. Totally awesome.
  ▼ Let me know about an awesome Fourth of July adventure you had this weekend or have had in the past in the comments below.
  ▼ Entries will be accepted through the end of the day (8pm CST) Thursday, July 12th and the winner will be announced on Friday, July 13th!
  ▼ The winner will be randomly selected from the pool and notified by email.
  ▼ International and domestic participants are welcome, and the items will be shipped for free anywhere.
  ▼ Please do not email your entry, I will only accept submissions left in the comments, thank you!!!



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