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Dyed Valentines for Kids

I don't know about you, but we've been working hard on our Valentine's over at Casa La Allen. It is Finn's 1st official V-Day at school this year and he is responsible for bringing a Valentine (or as I like to say "Valentimes") for each one of his classmates. Making Valentines involves a lot of stress and excitement for Finn, because he's a ball of anxiety just like his mom. He was desperate READ MORE
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Notebooks have become a part of my life in a major way. I live with a notebook, I carry it around the house from room-to-room and if it's not nearby I get panicky. Maybe it's because I've entered the stage of life where so much is going on that I can't keep anything straight. If I have an idea I need to write it down before it passes, because it will pass. I also write lists, lots and lots READ MORE
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Etsy Finds

1Adjustable Vintage Pink Double Gooseneck Lamp from Vintage Resolution - $15.00 + $14.50 (for shipping) 2Mid Century Modern Desk Lamp from Junk House - $27.00 + $13.00 (for shipping) 3Vintage Brass Goose-necked Metal Lamp from Happy-Go-Vintage - $56.00 + $12.00 (for shipping) 4Vintage Cream Gooseneck Desk Lamp from Evan's Picks - $18.00 + $12.00 (for shipping) READ MORE
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Tutorial : DIY Grommet Curtains

Hello friends! I know in the past I've shown you how to make Ikea curtain panels into grommet top curtains, and I shared with you the curtains I made for Gus' nursery, but I never got down to business and showed you how to make your own grommet curtain panels. I was in the market for a new curtain panel for the window at the top of my staircase, and I wanted to make it from this awesome triangle READ MORE
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Friend Art & Ribba Ledges

A few weekends ago I finally got around to actually finishing up the music room, I mean it only took a year, but whatever. It's always the final details that I just can't seem to get done. I mean, it's really hard to hang up some artwork and a small shelf so you better just never do it, at least that's what I like to do. Anyways, I finally hung that stuff up and I think it's looking pretty great. READ MORE
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