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A few weeks ago we were contacted by children’s clothing company Tea and asked to review their clothing. Tea is a cool little company located in San Francisco, CA. Their globally inspired designs make for comfy and modern clothes for our little dudes and dudettes! They aspire to be global citizens and take great pride in giving back to their community. They have created a line of t-shirts called “little citizens of the world” in which they donate all their proceeds to Global Fund for Children. Not only that their clothing is made of high quality natural fabrics and feels awesome to the touch.

Tea fort

Scoops and I got our families together last weekend for some backyard kid fort fun and a few refreshing adult summer beverages. We had the kiddos try on their new duds while exploring and playing in the backyard. It’s amazing to learn how much magic a few sheets and some clothes pins hold. These kids had so much fun playing in an impromptu backyard fort.

Cool fort

Finn’s Long Sleeve Purity Tee and Elsa’s Flor Del Mar Pocket Dress, both made of a lovely pima cotton, easily kept up with these two crazy kiddos!

Elsa n Finn

Snack Break! Royal the dog tries to get in on a much needed muffin break.

Tea Gus

We can’t forget Gus, he needs to get in on the action too. Not big enough for fort parties he chills with mom in his new bodysuit perfect for the upcoming fall weather. This clothing is so soft that you don’t feel like you need to wash it a million times before putting next to newborn baby skin.

Tea Collection offers up clothing for children of all sizes. Check out their Fall 2011 Children’s Clothing collection, inspired by a cross country trip south of border to Mexico.

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Cool Things!

Neat Writing Rubber Stamps

  • I don’t much think about rubber stamps most days. Then I saw these little beauties over on Don’t these look like the best little trinkets to hold in your hands? They come in two styles: Neat Writing and Handwriting. You could also get yourself a set of numbers to go with your letters. Man.I.Need.These.

  • I’m a sucker for a good scarf and all things that keep me cozy. Check out this easy tutorial over at Behind The Seams to see how to make this simple and chic wrap/scarf combo. What a versatile piece to add to your wardrobe. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t make this?
  • Links to James Mollison’s book ‘Where Children Sleep‘ have been passed around FB over the past week or so. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out I recommend you do so. Mollison’s travels give us a glimpse into how children across the globe spend their days and where they rest their heads at night.
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A Blanket for Gus

Gus & Blankie

Every new kid in this world needs a blanket he can carry around with him every place he goes. In good Auntie fashion I felt obliged to make our new little buddy Gus something special.

Heirloom Cut Baby Blankie on Chair

I came across a tutorial for a beautiful cut chenille baby blanket over on Aesthetic Nest and knew it would be perfect for our boy August!

The most beautiful blanket.

This cozy chenille is sure to keep Gus warm during the cool Fall and Winter months.

August on pattern side of Blankie

Welcome to the world little baby Gus. Your Auntie Colz loves you!

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Cool Things!

Coccoli Onesie

  • We came home from the hospital to a pretty small stash of onesies and newborn clothes, no problem though, I am pretty good when it comes to internet shopping and all. I went straight over to to get the latest deals on cool baby stuff I bought one of each kind of Coccoli boy baby gear. I also was smitten with a few of the kimono style onesies over at Kate Quinn Organics and threw a few of those in my shopping cart as well. I couldn’t resist all the colors, I was pulled in my their tractorbeam and was helpless against their powers.
  • It didn’t take long to start feeling back to my old self. Now that I am home and I have this body back I just want to clean and tidy and pick up, and rearrange and keep up with my obsessive ways. Unfortunately my body likes to remind me that I just gave birth and should probably be taking easy. One of things I would really like to do once I fully recover is make a trip back to Ikea for more toy storage. Gus and all his baby business combined with Finn and his ever growing toy pile has me thinking ‘toy hiding spots.’ I NEED hiding places in every room of our house that are functional and most importantly good looking. On our next trip to Ikea I will pick up another set of Expedit 4×4 shelves with baskets for the porch and possibly an end table with room below for a basket for the living room. The new 2012 Ikea catalog is providing lots of good solutions for this dillema.
  • After labor day, Finn Gus and myself are adding a new addition to our daily routine…(drum roll please) Elsa will now be joining us 5 days a week! I know it’s probably a little crazy but I think it will be good for Finn and Elsa to have someone their own age to play with on a daily basis. That being said I would really like to start “wearing” Gus in a sling, something I never did with Finn. I think slinging him would help with multi-tasking and allow me to give more attention to the older kids. My friend Joanna recommended me these slings from Li’l Pepper Keepers but am curious to know what other people have used. Please let me know if you have recommendations for me, I need all the help I can get.
  • I am dedicated to shedding these extra baby lbs ASAP! Last time I waited a good six months before I started losing weight and I regret not doing it sooner, I was totally miserable and unhappy with the way I looked but losing weight sounded SO hard. I started my “spreadsheet diet” and shed the last 30lbs in 4 months. This time around I’m gonna try this awesome thing called a fitbit, introduced to me by my friend Liz. Not only does it help me count calories and activity it also keeps track of my progress in a visually awesome way. Its like the spreadsheet diet on steroids. I’m actually excited to start!
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August (Gus) Jack Allen

August Allen
He’s Here! The newest member of our family arrived last Friday, the 29th at 2:50pm. After many false alarms and lots and lots of waiting he made it up to me with a speedy delivery. He is a happy and healthy baby, only cries if he’s hungry, attempts to sleep at night and nurses like a champ. We’ve been home since Saturday and are adjusting fine. Finn is doing an awesome job as a new big brother and Jeff and I are naturals (so far) at this second-time-parent thing. We hope the next few days keep going as well as the first few have.

August Allen
August Jack Allen: July 29, 2011 — 7lbs . 13oz . 20″

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