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Entry Way Ideas

So I've been giving the entry-way-re-do a lot of thought throughout the last 2 days. I've really appreciate the comments and feedback you guys have given me since posting about my dilemma earlier this week. Christine made the suggestion that I should think about laying down a runner instead of a standard rug. I don't know why but this never occurred to me. I had considered rugs for the space READ MORE
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How I Conquered Wood Trim

So it's no secret that the main floor of my house is wood trim city. If the trim was not of a high quality or covered in years of gross varnish I would have painted it white the second we moved in. Instead it's nice, and pretty, quarter sawn oak with perfect patina so it stays (even though it's not ideal for this girl). I still need that wonderful contrast that only crisp white trim can give READ MORE
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Some Things Never Change

Do you have that one space in your house that has never really changed since you've moved in?, cause I do! Our entry way is beyond blah, and we've barely touched it since buying our house because... I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH IT!! We moved in (March 2010) and since then we've painted, added a desk, tossed a ridiculous (and super ugly) oversized pillow on the radiator/built-in-bench, READ MORE
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You Guys Rule!

Seriously big THANKS to everyone in a major way for all the feedback on the paint colors.. When I first painted the living room with the two test colors I was 90% Dragonfly and 10% GT and then over night I started second guessing myself (cause I'm good at that) and by the time I posted yesterday I was 55/45. I was flipping out and stressin' when I should have just been chillin'. What I'm trying READ MORE
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Weighing Options

Well, I think we're making progress in our decision making. I really wish the white would work for us because I really do adore it in so many others' homes, we're just not feeling it in the living room. I gotta remember that I have my white bedroom, and I get my white, bright and airy fix waking up every morning (dur, except for these lame winter months). That's the one decision we've made. READ MORE
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