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Our 4th of July Celebraish

Here’s a few photos from our 4th of July celebraish. We hung in the backyard, listened to some classic rock jams on KQRS, drank a few brews, kept cool in the pool and lit off a few fireworks.

A good day had by all.

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Attic Find

When we first bought our house I had dreams of finding all this cool old stuff. You know the stuff people just leave when they move out, and it stays in the house homeowner after homeowner. I was gonna find all sorts of cool old doors, hardware, remnants of wood flooring, pictures, notes, and love letters.

Then, this did not happen :(

Unfortunately, the previous owners, and the owners before them were the type of people that liked to take all their stuff with them when they moved, what jerks.

I haven’t found any good treasures in this house except for an old hammer and a really old hot plate.

I’m so curious to know who lived here before me. The 1940 census came out earlier this year and I poured over pages and pages of Minneapolis addresses looking for my home. It wasn’t there, It doesn’t exist, I couldn’t find it. My neighbors were there, I could see who lived in their houses, but no record of mine. Total major bummer, man.

I’ve had such bad luck learning about this house.

Then, when I was opening the windows to the attic for the house painters to access, I found a mirror hiding behind an old screen window! I knew this house was keeping something from me. I brought it down ever so carefully. It’s round and has this cool art nouveau-ish pattern around the edge. It’s got glue marks on the back, so I imagine it must have hung somewhere. It’s driving me nuts not knowing where it used to live, maybe in the entry way or bathroom? I imagine it’s original to the house as it’s in keeping with the style popular around the turn of the century, but I am no expert on that.

I cleaned it up, sat it on top of the bookshelf, and propped it against the wall in our bedroom. I’m not sure if this is where it will stay but it makes a good home for now. Maybe I can hang it in the bathroom after we do a quick re-vamp in the fall.

So, if anyone has a good hunch as to where a mirror like this might have hung you’ve got to let me know. I’ve got to solve this mirror mystery!

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It’s Cocktail Time : Herby Gin

Holy moly! I don’t know about you but it’s hot here with highs pushing 100º all week. We’ve got the pool set up and sprinklers are ready.

Obviously when it’s this hot I need (and you do too) a delicious cocktail to cool down. I came up with this impromptu summer drink when I realized there was an abundance of Basil and Mint in the garden and a lack of gin drinks in my hand. What I discovered was a pretty delicious and refreshing cocktail and I thought I should probably share it with you.

Scoops’ Refreshing Basil & Mint Gin Cocktail

▼ 2 oz Gin
▼ 1 oz Basil & Mint infused Simple Syrup
▼ 1 oz Fresh Lemon Juice Shake with ice.
Pour over fresh ice.
Garnish with Basil and Mint sprigs

Basil & Mint Simple Syrup

▼ 1 cup Water
▼ 1 cup Sugar
▼ Handful of fresh Mint and Basil (from the garden is best!)
In small saucepan bring water, sugar and herbs to a boil. Turn off heat and let steep for 1 hour, then transfer to fridge and let cool for another hour. Use a colander to separate herbs from syrup.

Now that you’ve got your cocktail you can really start to enjoy the day.

P.S. Here’s a few pics from our weekend.

Finn is part fish and won’t get out of the pool.

Gus has some new badass teeth. He’s working with the uppers and lowers now. What a crazy animal.

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Etsy Finds

Okay, I may be jumping the gun a little bit but one of my favorite things about summer is cabin tymez in Minnesota. They are the best! I am a sucker for a kitschy cabin decor, like I might consider decorating my entire house in it someday.

Every summer we are lucky enough to be invited to our friend Matt’s family cabin in Cross Lake Minnesota. It is one of my favoritest places in the whole world. I’m already getting so excited to go this summer. We talk about it all the time.

Anyway, I was looking around on Etsy yesterday and came across this cribbage board, and that got me thinking cabin. So whether you need it or not, here’s your dose of cabin decor. Search Cabin Decor on Etsy, you won’t be able to stop, there is so much good stuff!

1. Vintage Days of the Week Tea Towel from Estate Hound – $50.00 + $9.50 (for shipping)
2. Coloful Vintage Triangle Quilt from Vintage Quilts and Couture – $65.00 + $14.95 (for shipping)
3. Vintage Hamm’s Beer Cooler with Padded Seat from Happy Back – $125.00 + $50.00 (for shipping)
4. Vintage Cardinal’s Wood Cribbage Board from Buckeyes & Bluegrass – $10.00 + $5.50 (for shipping)

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My June Garden

Day Lily
Holy cow, it’s already been a month already. Well I was really looking forward to June’s garden until the painters came. All the handwork that I put in during March, April and May was ruined by heavy ladders. It’s not a total loss, but the weeds are out of control and so much has been trampled.

My day lilies just started blooming last week, and they give some hope to this sad state of affairs.


Music Box Shrub Rose
The kids and I went out yesterday and purchased this Rose. I’ve never had a Rose before, so I’m not sure how successful I will be at helping it survive. It can get up to three feet tall (as tall as the fence) and I am looking forward to seeing it grow and fill in.

There is a spot in one of my garden’s that makes home to a huge Bleeding Heart during the spring, but by June it begins to look sad and yellowed and eventually I cut it back. I bought this Rose in hopes of compensating for some of the empty space that comes after the Bleeding Heart has been retired for the season.

pink and green Caladium
This is the first year I’ve grown Caladium. I have some in the backyard and I planted some bulbs around the tree in the boulevard. I really like it, but I am a sucker for foliage. The Caladium looks totally great layered with some lime green Hostas.

Pink Tiger Lily
These Tiger Lilies never disappoint. Every year they get bigger and bigger and make more of statement in the garden.

Dogwood Berries

flower pot
The flower pots near the front steps are looking great. They are on the verge of overflowing and I love it.

window box with Sunpatiens
I just planted the Sunpatiens in the window box out front earlier this week. I’ve been managing to barely keep them alive waiting for the painters to finish. I hope they fill in quickly!

And just because I wanted you to see how bad it can be: My front garden. Totally destroyed. I decided to make the best of a bad situation. I dug everything up, set it out on the front walk, grabbed some Hostas and day lilies from the back and split it all up. Then replanted it all in a much more organized fashion. It won’t look great this season but hopefully my thriftiness will be rewarded next spring. I just gotta keep it all alive ’till then. :)

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