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Happy Birthday Elsa!

We celebrated Elsa’s 2nd birthday this past Saturday. It is insane how fast these kiddos grow! It really does seem like yesterday that Aaron and I were bringing this little sweetie baby home from the hospital.

Elsa's 2 Invite
Elsa’s has recently decided that she is obsessed with balloons. It made sense that her party center around this obsession.

I ordered up 40 balloons and sent Rip to pick them up the morning of the party. I would have ordered more but transporting any more balloons from the party store to our house would have logistically been a bit more difficult than it already was. Evidently Rip had some concern about how he was going to fit said 40 balloons into his car. Not to worry, they all made it home and Elsa was tickled.

I found a paper party crown kit at Paper Source. Here they are! King and Queen of the party!

food stuffs
I pulled up a couple of recipes from Smitten Kitchen to fill out my party spread. Check out how I made these homemade marshmallows and super delish strawberry cake.

Shaun the Sheep
Elsa has replaced her desire to watch Toy Story 3 over and over and over again with a desire to watch the British stop motion animation Shaun the Sheep over and over and over and over again. Shaun made an appearance at the party. Elsa thought that was pretty awesome!

New Chair
Other gifts of note: A Purple Princes Papazan Chair. (Say that 5 times fast.)

A sweet ass wagon for her and Finn to buzz around in.

New Slide
A killer slide for the backyard.

Sprinkler Dads
The Dads Choice award for Best Present goes to this Alligator Sprinkler that Finn brought for Elsa. Jeff and Rip had the best time showing the kids how to properly jump through a sprinkler.

Thanks everyone for making Elsa’s party super special!

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Cool Things!


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How to Make Homemade Pinwheels

How to Make a Pinwheel
Finn and I put together a little tutorial for you on how to make pinwheels. We used pinwheels as a centerpiece for Finn’s 3rd birthday last weekend, and it’s such a super easy and fast way to add a little fun to any party, we had to share our recipe.

Here are you ingredients for success:

I’ve seen a lot of online tutorials that suggest using a pencil with an eraser as the stem for the pinwheel but I think the end result looks much better if you pick up some 12″ dowels from your local hardware store or Michael’s. We just press the thumb tack straight into the dowel and it works perfectly fine, no need to use an eraser.

We bought our “cool paper” at Michael’s we picked it up in the scrap booking section for .59 cents a sheet, but you could get cool paper at any cool store.

Step 1. Fold a piece of paper diagonally to create a square.

Step 2. Cut squares out of your paper, we recommend cutting 6-8 inch squares otherwise your pinwheel might get a little huge.
*It’s good to vary sizes for your pinwheels if you are making multiples, I prefer the look of different sizes as opposed to all the same.

Step 3. Fold the paper diagonally the other way. That will give you an “X” crease on your square.

Step 4. Cut approx 3/4 of the way up your diagonal folds towards the center of your square

How to Make a Pinwheel
Step 5. Make 4 small holes in the corners of your square (1 hole in every corner). Make sure that you punch on the right side of your cuts as you can see in the above picture.
* For our pinwheels we cut out 2 pieces of paper with different but complementary patterns and placed them back to back. This is optional, pinwheels look good with the pattern on both sides OR with a white or solid color inside, it’s really up to you. If you do choose to use two sheets of patterned paper we would recommend lining them up before you punch.

How to Make a Pinwheel
Step 6. Fold the 4 corners of your pinwheel to the center of your pinwheel and line your punched holes up with your thumb tack. Push your thumb tack through the center of your square and press into the dowel.

Voila, you did it!

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Finn’s 3rd Birthday Backyard Party

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Chips
We made it! We were able to celebrate Finn’s 3rd Birthday this weekend without having to worry about any new brother showing up. We pushed up Finn’s birthday party a week early to prevent any tiny party crashers and it worked out perfectly. Since my energy level is hovering around 0 these days we had a really low key party, which ended up being one of the nicest parties we’ve ever hosted. Instead of going totally nuts on party decor like I did last year, I just focused on a few essentials, one of them being Finn’s cake. Would you believe it if I told you that this is the first birthday Finn has actually eaten his cake. I guess he has an aversion to frosting, but chocolate icing is not frosting, it’s just chocolate, and adding “chocolate chips” can’t hurt either. The cake was a success and got 100% totally eaten.

Glad's and Decorations
I also purchased a few simple rice paper daisies, paper straws for the lemonade and Gladiola’s from the farmer’s market. Three totally cheap and easy ways to liven up this par-tay.

Paper Daisies

Chips & Pinwheels
Snacks were served in lieu of hosting a BBQ with all the fixins’ like we have in the past. This was huge in keeping this party low key and simple.

Homemade Pinwheels
Finn and I made these pinwheels the night before his birthday, a simple and inexpensive DIY that we’ve done two birthday’s in a row. I will be including a how-to post in the next few days.

The Birthday Kid
Finn in all his bday glory.

Beers & Juice Boxes

Elsa & Rippy

Finn & His Dad

Us grown ups had fun too.


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Free Downloadable Invitations
Last week in our Cool Things! we mentioned that had asked us to design a series of fill-in-the-blank invitations that could be used for any type of party atmosphere. Since we think these babies are so awesome, we’d like to share our invitations with you. Below you will find the free PDF links to all 4 styles of invitations. Enjoy!

Modern Bird Invitation
Colorful Pennant Flag Invitation
Yellow Floral All Occasion Invitation
Classic Black & White Invitation

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