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Midwestern Cucumber Salad

Well it’s cucumber time! That’s the time of year when garden’s all over the midwest produce tons and tons of cucumbers. Oh what to do with all those cucumbers? Here’s one easy solution that I love; cucumber salad. This is a recipe that has been made by my mom and her mom, and her mom’s mom (you get the picture).

Midwestern Cucumber Salad

▼ 1 large cucumber peeled and slice
▼ 1/2 a red or yellow onion sliced
▼ Pinch of kosher salt
▼ 1/4 cup sour cream
▼ 1 tbsp white vinegar
▼ 1 tbsp white sugar

In a small bowl combine cucumber onions and salt. Let rest for an hour or two and then drain off excess water. Add sour cream, vinegar and sugar. Stir until combined. Refrigerate or eat immediately.



Without a doubt, one of the best treats of the summer.

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Tutorial : Macrame Lawn Chair

Macrame Chairs!

Hello everybody and welcome to the first ever Henhouse video tutorial. I know crazy, right? I’m not super good at these sorts of things so please let me know if I am missing any vital information. In the below vid you will see the looping method that is key to weaving a macrame chair. I tried to make the pics as thorough as possible so you would get the trick.


Video Tutorial

Here are a few other vital tips. Pick up a macrame tutorial book from ebay or etsy. They don’t make them anymore and this is probably the easiest place to find them. What’s that you say? “Where do I get all the other supplies I need?” Well my friends, the answer is simple, this macrame superstore has everything you need including cord, giant plastic crochet hooks and even aluminum chair frames.


Cool Patterns!

Lastly, if any of you crazies attempt making your own cool chairs you gotta show me how they turned out, I’d love to see your results. Hope you enjoy this one!

Update: New better macrame chair instructions over here.

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Coming Soon: Macrame Lawn Chair

What up guys? Just wanted to let you know that I’m going to share the macrame chair tutorial with you on Monday, so get ready. I know, I know, super suspenseful right?

Mostly, I just wanted to say Hey. I finally got a new computer this week after months of waiting for the new iMac to drop (which it didn’t). I couldn’t stand the slowness of my old computer any longer and popped for the new mac book pro. Anyway, Apple made it really hard to migrate all my files from my old computer to my new one. After 3 days of waiting I’m finally up and running again.

So look for a post Monday, you’ve been warned and happy weekend! :)

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My July Garden

Holy Shiz! July is over! That went way too fast guys. Makes me a little sad. Well, at least we have August to look forward to, and honestly, I kinda got into the 60º fall weather we were having in Ireland. I’m looking forward to fall just a little bit.

Anyway, enough about all that stuff. Here’s some photos of my July Garden. It’s finally starting to fill back in and look a little more garden like after being trampled by the painters in June. I know that this will not year will not be the year of the beautiful perfect lush manicured gardens, but hopefully next year it will look a little better.

Also, note to self. All that obsessing I did over the lawn back in the spring didn’t really pay off. When it gets hot in the summer weeds grow and grow and grow and the lawn starts turning into a crab grass bonanza. Sometimes I feel like the only way to really win is to start over and re-sod. Oh wellz I guess.

In other garden news, the Zinnia’s are starting to bloom. I know I know, the end of July and Zinnia’s are blooming, wha? Guess what?? Seeding Zinnia’s inside is not a good idea, it takes them too much time to recover once they are transplanted. Next spring we will start seeds in the garden – be warned my future self.

The Dahlia’s are also blooming, I have three varieties planted and they all are looking pretty wonderful.

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Happy 1st Birthday Gus!

We celebrated August’s 1st birthday this weekend with cake and ice cream in the backyard. The poor dude had just come down with a cold that morning and was sick for his own bday celebraish. Luckily Finn and Elsa were there and happy to blow out candles, eat cake and open presents on his behalf.

I’ve been overly sentimental in a mom sort of way for Gus’ first bday. I am so happy for Gus, so glad he’s been a healthy baby. He’s been such a joy and such a wonderful addition to our fam. I’m also so proud of his brother for hanging in there through all the challenges of having a new baby brother. I feel thankful that I have such a great family and such a great 1 year old!

Happy Birthday Gus!

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