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I Made it to 30!

I celebrated my 30th bday over the weekend!  My friends took me out to an amazing dinner at a neighborhood restaurant.  Like any good 30th birthday, it involved lots of champagne and cocktails as well as some delicious Italian food.  My folks had the kids and we had an empty house, so we filled up with beers and friends and celebrated like the old days. I hit the hay at 5:30am after listening to the best of 90′s grunge radio jams with Colz, Beak, and Waff.  I sang along so loudly my throat still hurts two days into recovery.

My guy Jeff, along with my parents took care of me with an amazing 30th birthday present, my new Canon 7D.  I can’t tell you how totally stoked I am to have it.  My other camera (a Canon Rebel XT) was going on 8 years old and had been poorly functioning since spilling a can of Sparks on it during a trip to NYC in 2007.

Anyways, since I now have this awesome camera I took some photos.  Here are a few from the post dinner bday partay.

My 30th Bday partyMy 30th Bday partyMy 30th Bday partyMy 30th Bday partyMy 30th Bday partyMy 30th Bday partyMy 30th Bday party

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Hallowed Hush: 3 Ways

Our Old Place (Rossmor Loft)
I was spending some time updating my backup hard drive the other day (3 years in the making) when I came across some real estate photos of our old loft we used to own when we were crazy enough to live in Saint Paul (sorry saint paul). It inspired me to do a post about the Behr paint color “Hallowed Hush” because I’ve gone nuts and used it in all of three places we’ve lived in, including the loft. The loft was the first place we used it, I was looking for a color that would compliment the modern kitchen with its stainless steel appliances, modern white cabinets, and its industrial shiny aggregate concrete floors. Hallowed Hush was the color I stumbled upon.

It wasn’t our original intention to paint the walls hallowed hush, we previously had the kitchen painted aqua and had to tone it down a bit when put the place up for sale. I actually ended up falling in love with the color and decided to use it in the living room of the rental house we moved into in the Fall of 2008. Hallowed Hush has always reminded me of the cliche country blue you used to see all the time in the 80′s, something a la the set of Full House, uh huh, you know what I’m talking about. Luckily for me though, it looks pretty great with modern and mid century furnishings.
  Living Room
It was only natural that when we moved to our new house in Minneapolis that I had to give it a whirl there too. I had a gallon left over so it was no big deal to me if it wasn’t going to work out, I was really unsure it (or for that matter anything) was going to look good with the wood trim. Honestly, we had taken it from a super modern loft to a somewhat updated Minneapolis rental, to a 100 year old relic with virgin woodwork up the wazoo. Thankfully it also rules in this place too. I think the key to making it work is to fill the room with our favorite modern furnishings.  Personally I appreciate the juxtaposition of the old and new and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  So there you have it, Hallowed Hush & Me in a nut shell, I imagine it will be around for awhile.
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Something Weird Is Happening

Okay, I don’t know if it’s cause it’s my 30th birthday or it’s just a strange bit of luck but I can’t stop winning things. I mean it’s a nice problem to have but I am worried that it’s too much of a good thing. In the last 3 weeks I have won this amazing hat from my friend Annie’s shop ALL knitwear:

I was totally blown away when I won the regionals of the Apartment Therapy Room for Color Contest and got $1000 gift card to Farrow & Ball, and the bowled over when I won the grand prize and won two Eames dowel chairs.

And now today, I get a text message letting me know I won $111 in free lottery tickets from the local TV station. What is going on? Totally nuts. I seriously have never won anything in my life, I don’t get it. I really hope there is nothing bad lurking around then next corner, I feel like I owe somebody something for all this good luck. It’s getting to crazy over here though, I couldn’t just NOT mention it. So if something bad happens to me (like I turn 30 or something) you’ll know why…

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Chugging Along.

Wallpaper love!
So, I guess this dewallpaper/rewallpaper/paint the music room project was a little bit bigger that I expected it would be, but NO regrets. It’s not like I could’ve lived with the room the way it was forever, that 80′s country wallpaper had to go! Things are coming a long though, I actually had to hire a professional handyman to help with repairing the walls. It turns out the wallpaper was covering up a real bad plaster job. Not to worry Ken, (the handyman, and my parents neighbor and all around good dude) is here to save the day! We’re slowly getting closer to seeing this oh-so-awesome ferm living feather wallpaper up on these walls.

As you can see in the photo below, he skim coated the crap out of these walls and he’s coming back tomorrow for one 3rd and final coat (that’s right, I said 3rd coat.) Anyway, I am getting really excited to seeing this baby done, and there still is a possibility for it to all come together before the January 1st deadline. I’ll keep ya posted…

Skim coating the walls!
Oh, and one last thing, it’s my 30th birthday this weekend!!! Let’s hope this is the last post I put up using my camera phone. A little bird told me I should be expecting some sort of picture perfect present!!!!! (Bad pun, sorry.)

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I Made it to the AT Color Contest Finals!

Teal Blue & Gray Living Room
Hey Everybody,
About 3 weeks ago I decided that I needed to do something more productive with my days. I was feeling kind of down and out and needed to get my butt in gear so I decided to throw my hat into the Apartment Therapy Room for Color Contest ring. I totally didn’t think anything would come from it but to my surprise I WON my division and now am one of the 4 contestants left in the finals!!

If you think my room is cool and you don’t mind taking a second to visit Apartment Therapy, please vote fer me! I’d appreciate it.

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