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Easy Chair Reupholstering

Remember how I found 5 chairs that matched my Drexel mid-century dining room set on Craig’s awesome list? Well I needed to get those suckers covered in new fabric so they matched the rest of my set. It was 3 years ago that I reupholstered the original set, and lucky for me I bought extra fabric, in the event that I needed to re-recover stained chairs or if in the very off chance I found more dining room chairs. You may think I am crazy to have 11 dining room chairs, but I’m not. My table can seat 10 with the leaves in and I’ve already had two dinners since purchasing the chairs where I have hosted 8 people. This happens a lot around our home. I’m sure I will be pulling out the extra chairs on a regular basis.

Reupholstering dining room chairs is super easy!. I’m gonna show you how!

The Supply List:

▼ Stapler
▼ Extra Stapler
▼ Scissors
▼ Screw Driver
▼ Screws
▼ New Fancy Fabric
▼ Muslin for Under Cover

First things first, take off the seats. This is really easy, there should be 4 screws holding your seat to the chair frame. Turn the chair over and unscrew the seat. When I purchased my seats they were already stripped of their fabric, I was left with the padding and the base. Determine whether or not you need to replace the padding. Lots of times you won’t have to. Consider how cushy you want your chairs to be. If there’s not enough padding to make your butt comfy you might also want to consider new padding. How’s the condition of the covering that’s currently there, is it torn or dark? For example, my original set of chairs were covered in a cream covered fabric, the fabric was in good condition I just didn’t like the way it looked. I left the fabric on and covered the chairs in the new fabric. If your original fabric is in good condition you may consider doing this too. I wouldn’t recommend it if the original fabric was dark and the new fabric you were covering with was light colored. You wouldn’t want it to show through.

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Fall Steps

Last weekend I got the front of the house into full on fall mode by changing out the planters at the base of the steps. Bring on the Mums, Kale, and fancy Pumpkins.

I’m not one of those people that loves Halloween. I know that there are some out there that wait for the 31st of October all year and go totally nuts when the day finally comes. I’ve never been able to embrace it that way, I guess it’s probably the excess of trashy lady costumes. Fer real, check out this slutty big bird. The last time I dressed up was when I was 12 and I thought that was pushing it then. I wish I could get into more but I just can’t. My point is, I don’t love Halloween and this is as scary as the front of my house gets. I know, I’m a total Halloween prude.

I am one of those people that gets crazy about the holidays though. I am already counting down the days till it’s open season on Christmas records! I draw the line at November 15th.

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Leaves Raked, Check!

I know it’s not super exciting, but this weekend we got the leaves raked and all the gardens cleaned up and ready for winter.

Obviously we had to make leaf piles to jump in along the way. Here’s the proof. This serious face is too cute to handle.

P.S. Have you tried the new Visual Supply Co App? I was tuned in via my blog buddy Amanda over at Willful Joyful who has a pretty beautiful instagram (@willfuljoyful) feed. You should probably check out the app if you haven’t already, it’s good.

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Canning Stash

Yayer! Excited to finally show off my canning stash. I’m out of jars so I’m throwing in the towel and calling this season done.

This was my first time ever canning, and I really enjoyed it. It didn’t hurt that we were pulling veggies out of the garden and had our CSA boxes coming ever other week. We were on veggie overload especially in the tomato and cucumber department. I’ve spent quite a few afternoon nap seshes steaming up the house and preparing new recipes.

I went hog wild in the pickling department because I love eating anything with vinegar and salt and since it was my first time canning I wanted to make sure food was preserved properly. The pickling puts my mind at ease. Not only that, being a born and bread midwestern girl my favorite fall meal is crackers, cheese and salami with a cold beer. The perfect accompaniment to this fav meal of course is anything pickled. So here’s the run down of what I tried this year.

▼ Bloody Mary Mix
▼ Spicy Habanero Pickles
▼ Garlic Dill Pickles
▼ Spicy Beans
▼ Dill Green Beans
▼ Spicy Marinara
▼ Not Spicy Marinara (for the kiddos)
▼ Pickled Cherry Tomatoes
▼ Spicy Cauliflower and Carrots
▼ Sauerkraut
▼ Pickled Beets
▼ Whole Tomtaoes
▼ Jalapeños

So who else tried canning this year? What was the favorite thing you canned? Super curious over here so please share!

Update: I started a pinterest board with some of the recipes I used incase you’re interested in trying.

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Winter Window Boxes

1 / 2 / 3 / 4
When it comes to my window boxes I tend to get competitive. There are some homeowners out there who are so damn good at arranging beautiful window boxes no matter what the season. I want to be one of them and am envious of their arranging skills. My goal is to rank among the fancy ones this season. Watch out pine, spruce, and other wonderful fall things – I’m coming for you.

I’ve been searching pinterest, flickr and good old google image search for inspiration and here are some of my favorite finds. These are window boxes that I would be jealous of, aren’t you? My fav is the first with the limey green bows because I am a sucker for lime green and I love how it is offset by the red. The arrangement with the white accents offers some great inspiration. I’ve put together boxes before with fall clippings from my yard and gone to town spray painting hydrangea, sticks and pine cones white. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to throw together a cohesive look

Do you put out fall arrangements? Do you buy your stash or hunt and gather, what are your best tips and tricks? I wanna know!

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