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Veggie Garden Update

So it’s been awhile since I updated about you on the progress of our raised bed veggie garden. We built it a few weeks ago, and then began our dirt collection. I think in all we gathered 800lbs of dirt or something. Totally crazed I know. The square foot gardening method calls for a mix of 1 part compost, 1 part peat moss, and 1 part vermiculite. We improvised a bit. We got tons of different types of compost, manure, and a few bags of gardening soil, like Miracle Grow, that contained fertilizers. Not a lot of stores around these parts carry vermiculite so after getting some advice from our local nursery we decided to go with rice hull, something I had never heard of before. It’s similar to a cocoa mulch, but from rice instead of cocoa, obviously, duh. It’s not heavy and seems to help keep the soil light, which is the main purpose of the vermiculite.

Finn and Elsa are becoming proficient little gardeners. Don’t know what they were more excited about; climbing piles of bagged dirt and poop or mixing it all up.

Next step, our square feet of course. According to the square foot gardening method they recommend using a trellis like structure to grid off all your squares. I decided against that. Too much work. We instead used push pins and kitchen twine. We’ll see how it holds up, maybe the veggies will turn into bullies and ruin it all in the end, but it seems like a good and reasonable idea to me.

Earlier this week, Finn and I mapped out the garden and I started to realize how great gardening will be for the kids. First we learned how to use a ruler and gridded out the garden just like we did with the string. Then we got out our square foot gardening book and our list of seeds. We read about each and every veggie we were going to plant, figured out which need the most sun and which can handle a little shade and started plotting. Finn loved coloring and counting all the veggies. It was exciting for me to see him so excited about learning and planning. We haven’t even had our first harvest yet, and I feel our little garden has already been so rewarding. Sappy I know, but so true.

Then yesterday we planted a few of our late spring crops. I gotta tell you, it didn’t feel right planting seeds in 45º weather but I guess it’s totally cool for the plants. So we preceded with our plan and planted Broccoli, Onions, Spinach, and 3 Varieties of lettuce. Next week it’s carrots and radishes, can’t wait!

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Cam’s Baby Shower Invites

This weekend I cranked out some invitations for my friend Cam’s baby shower that I will be hosting in May. I’m super happy with how they turned out. I was totally inspired by Shanna Murray’s decal illustrations. I knew from the get go I wanted the party to involve a lot of handmade elements and I thought I’d start by penning the invitations in my own handwriting. Plus I had just ordered a bunch of washi tape for no other reason then to hoard polka-dots and stripes. It needed to be put to use.

I pulled out my old gocco printer out and went to town. I’m getting pretty proficient with this printer, it used to terrify me. Mostly because the screens and bulbs were so expensive, but now I’m an old veteran. I’ve got mad gocco skillz.

I tucked the invites in an inner 5×7 glassine sleeve. I love making correspondence and I wanted these to feel special and delicate.

Can’t get enough of the polka dots these days. I whole heartedly blame Annie Larson and Crystal Quinn.

I rounded the edges of the invite with a corner rounder. Do you have one of these? I highly recommend one, they make even the simplest correspondence seem special.

I also printed on the front of the front of the envelope with hot pink banner and then hand addressed all of them in white ink. I think this might be my favorite part.

The back of the envelope, printed with return address and sealed tight with black and white striped washi tape.

Put a strip of washi tape on it. duh.

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Woah, So This Happened

Franco Albini Ottoman
First off: Hi! I’m happy to be back blogging, I needed that break more than I knew. I wasn’t expecting it, but thank you to all those who showed such kind support, I appreciate it. It really made me feel like this little blog is turning into a bit of a community, which makes me happy in a totally dorky and nerdy sort of way.

So back to the big news. A few days after I posted about the Franco Albini ottoman, and how it was my latest and greatest obsession (I had been stalking it on the internet, had set up a craigslist RSS feed, and had an ebay saved search…I mean, we were almost on restraining order terms) and then Meg emailed me. She had spotted the ottoman at a vintage Saint Paul consignment store. Whoa! First of all, these bad boys are expensive. As in “I’ll never be able to justify spending $400 on a footstool” expensive. I was seriously toying with the idea of purchasing a white spray-painted one that was half-caved in on the bottom for $110 on ebay. I mean, I wasn’t really going to buy it, but I thought that maybe there was a way I could save it and bring it back to life and get it on the cheap.

So when Meg emails me about this ottoman, needless to say I was pretty excited. The big question was, how much was the store going to be asking for it? Well get this: it was on sale, originally $67 with an additional 20% off. Um, yeah. I ran over there first thing Saturday morning, picked it up and left feeling like a thief.

I gave it the once over and it looked like a quality, well built piece. I’m pretty sure it’s the real deal! I’m not even sure if they make knock offs. You tell me though, any experts out there? Did I buy a knock-off?

Either way, I don’t mind. I would obviously prefer it to be real, but what I really want is that texture in my room. I love the way it looks and the way it reflects light and the way it makes cool shapes. You get the idea. I’ll stop making out with my new ottoman now.

Franco Albini Ottoman
In other news, I just finished touching up the last bits of paint in my bedroom. Minus collecting a few accessories that I’ll have to save for, it’s done! Be expecting a thorough and detailed post about it in the coming days. Can’t wait to share it with you.

Franco Albini Ottoman - Close Up 2

Franco Albini Ottoman - Close Up 1
Oh, the ottoman also came with wooden knobs on the feet. I hadn’t seen that in others’ pictures online so maybe that’s the knock off giveaway. Or maybe it’s the sign of a one-of-a-kind gem. I’m happy either way.

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Hey internet friends!

Do you ever get burnt out at your job? That’s how I am feeling about the blog this week. If you haven’t been following me since the beginning I will let you in on a little secret. I used to only blog about once a week whenever a cool project would find its way into my life. Gasp, I know. Since January I have made it my goal to blog 5 days a week. Holy moly, is that a task. I don’t know how so many others do it.

I will say that I’ve been enjoying my new schedule; I like thinking creatively about the blog, planning ahead, making goals for myself. Just think: if I wasn’t blogging every day I bet I wouldn’t have gone nuts on so many projects around the house. Some of these things have been on my to-do list for months! Not only that, I think blogging daily is a really great thing for my life. It gets me out of the rut of just being a stay-at-home mom and gives me the chance to connect with a lot of other people. It’s a GREAT exercise for me and I enjoy it. In order to keep enjoying it, I’m gonna take a little break for a few days. In the last few weeks it’s been becoming more and more of a task to come up with fresh content and I’m getting tired. This lady needs a long weekend with no computer, no internet, no camera. I need to relax my brain before it decides to explode.

Have you ever got burnt out on the internet? Right now I could throw my computer right out the window. I just don’t want or need to know about EVERYTHING for a few days. Normally I love reading the entire world’s blogs, but recently it has been the opposite. I think I need a break.

Just wanted to let you know that I will be back on Tuesday, ready and raring to go! Hope you all have a sweet weekend and I’ll see you on the other side.


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I Want…

I usually don’t fall head over heels for rattan, even if it an iconic mid century piece, but… I can no longer resist the Franco Albini ottoman. I want it and I need it.

I’ve been seeing this ottoman popping up more and more these days. I always have appreciated it in other people’s homes. I saw it again recently and was pushed over the edge from appreciating the piece to down right being obsessed with it.

And so begins the search, finding one of these at a reasonable price. Somewhere out there is the right one for me.

If you’ve got a good lead, let me know!!!

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