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Ina Grau Open House

Photo from Ina Grau
I am super excited about this post, so get ready for a lot of exclamation points! My friend Crystal Quinn, along with her business partner Luisa Fernanda Garcia-Gomez, hosted their inaugural weekend celebrating their new handmade retail shoe business: Ina Grau! I’ve been anticipating this for awhile. I have been witnessing the start-up of this new endeavor through Crystal’s Instagram posts, and been drooling over glimpses of shoes for months. Every time I see her it’s “When can I buy a pair?” Lucky for me the time came this past weekend when Ina Grau began taking preorders for their first limited edition collection of shoes!

These are the shoes I picked out! The 6-8 week wait while they are being made will be excruciating, but it will be so worth it. Crystal said she’d make my pair with turquoise, white and red tassels. I love it.

Photo from Ina Grau
Ina Grau’s studio was awesome. Located in the heart of South Minneapolis, it boasted a pretty sweet view of rooftops and elm trees. Centered in the room was a massive table displaying nine pairs of women’s shoes and one men’s style. The shoe designs are all inspiring and I would be proud to own any of them. Designs shout out to moccasins, oxfords and loafers. Combined with awesome fabrics and textures these shoes exude a sophisticated quirky sensibility.

I am a sucker for studio spaces if you didn’t know. I love seeing what inspires people and how they create the space to function for them. I’m even a bigger sucker for Polka-dots, Poms and Pennants, how can you go wrong?

Please take a sec and check Ina Grau out, you won’t be disappointed. Get your credit cards ready because they will soon be taking orders online at their website, until then stay up to date on their goings on over at their Facebook page and get seriously inspired at their tumblr page.

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Operation No Kids

Something great happened this weekend: my folks took the kids for a sleepover! We haven’t been kidless for a whole 24 hours since December, and it was pretty much the greatest thing in the world. Sometimes its fun to pretend what life is like without the little rascals.

Saturday night we went out to dinner with our good friends, Aaron and Brittany (aka Beak and Cam). This was followed by some “late night” hang seshes. “Late night” is in quotes because I barely made it to 12:30. I am getting so old.

Then Sunday after sleeping in—or at least made a good attempt at it—we had a nice breakfast over at Lucia’s wine bar. Katie J. was working and hooked us up with all sorts of delicious and wonderful treats. Next stop, the record store. We fingered through records with no purpose at all, just like we used to. It was nice not having to be distracted by kids running up and down aisles and hiding below bins of records. After we picked out some jams we headed back to the front porch to listen to our finds.

It soon became time to go pick up the kids, so we headed out to the ‘burbs, but not before making one last pit stop at the Hopkins Tavern. Budweiesers and a $150 pull tabs winner!. Not a bad way to end the day.

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Etsy Finds

Happy Etsy Finds Friday! I know it’s been awhile since our last Etsy Finds (almost a whole month) but that’s cause I was so busy doing so much stuff around the house.

Anyway, inspired by all my recent projects and the total appreciation for searching the word “Hardware” in the Etsy vintage section, I am doing a post on some really great victorian era door and window hardware! Searching for ‘hardware‘ on Etsy is almost as great as being in a real live vintage hardware store. I am kind of obsessed about it. If you haven’t checked it out yet you should.

So, here are a few great door knobs, knob plates, and a sash lock that I think are pretty awesome. If you’re lacking that vintage touch in your house OR if someone “updated” your old house and you’re trying to bring it back to the way it was, you need to check my finds.

1. Antique Door Knobs and Backplates from River House Designs – $78.00 + $8.50 (for shipping)
2. 19th Century Sash Lock from The Blind Peacock – $10.50 + $2.25 (for shipping)
3. Vintage Brass Door Knobs with Hardware from Splendid Junk – $28.00 + $11.35 (for shipping)
4. Antique White Marble Doorknobs from Once Upon A Time – $35.00 + $6.00 (for shipping)

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My April Garden

Ah yeah guys, we’ve got some minor bloomage going on! My bleeding hearts are huge and beautiful. I love them so much, I wish they would bloom all summer long!

The Sedum’s are getting bigger, they’ve grown so much since their first season 2 summers ago.

I just transplanted this little guy from the front of the house to the back corner of the backyard. I am actually surprised he decided to come back this year. At the end of last he wasn’t looking so good. The backyard is a way better spot for this little dude.

This is a brownish yellowish Lily I got from my mom when we first moved in. I really don’t love it that much, but I love my mom, so it’s staying.

My Hostas are poppin’

This Fern photo was from a week or two ago. My favorite time of their summer stay is when they are first showing their little fiddle heads.

The Dogwood’s are barely in bloom.

My Peony has ants on it, I hear that’s a good thing.

One of the few varieties of Choral Bells I have in the yard. This one is called Regina and has the sweetest stems of pink flowers. It’s in my front foundation garden, one of the few plants out there I’d like to keep.

Yeah for Poppies! I had two last year, but one was accidentally mistaken for a weed. This will be the first season of seeing this Poppy bloom. Can’t wait they are one of my favorite spring flowers.

I love my Crab Apple Tree in the front yard but this year right as it was about to bud we got a cold snap and now it only has a few white blooms. I’m totally bummed that it’s not full of flowers.

My favorite garden helper. He was helping take some photos when I shot this pic. He is the best and I love him soooooooooo much.

Crazy kid.

Here are a few shots of my flower beds. These are mainly just for me, for reference. Next April when I am dying for spring I’ll be able to look at these and know that there is hope on the way.

Yes, can’t wait for May, so may things will start blooming, huzzah!

In other news, I am still sick, ugh. It’s totally the worst. Sorry in advance for any lackluster posting. Hoping I’ll start to feel better in the next day or two.

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White Window Boxes

I hope this is the last time I’ll be picking up a paint brush for awhile. Not only am I sick of painting, and painting, and painting, but I am also ready to start my outside projects for the summer. I painted the window boxes yesterday so I guess that’s an appropriate segue into moving my projects outside.

I do/did love my red window boxes but alas, it was not meant to be. Now that we are narrowing down exterior paint colors for the house it’s time to say “bye, bye red” and “hello white”. Not wanting to do things out of order, I needed to paint these babies prior to filling them with flowers.

*For those who were wondering, we did hire a house painter (!!!) and are scheduled in late May or early June! Can’t wait.

…and 45 minutes later here they are, all clean white and shiny! I kind of miss the red, but these new white boxes will be good too. Especially after I whip that foundation garden into shape.

I am totally getting obsessive about my grass too? I got one of those cool white grass covers (seen in the lower right above) that only insane people like myself get. Someday I’ll turn into one of those people who water their grass as a way to unwind at the end of the day. I can just see it now, me and my garden hose.

Have you guys ever heard of this, Sunpatiens? Somehow some guys in Japan have created a hybrid Impatien that loves the sun. They are a little spendy (compared to a regular impatiens) but I went ahead and ordered 12 of them. I wanna know if they really work, and I really like the variegated leafs. I think I’ll plant a few in my window box and the rest in my boulevard garden.

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