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How I Really Feel About My Rocker

Eames Rocking Chair and Grey Pouf
So do you guys remember back in May when I was freaking out about what kind of chair to get for the nursery? Well I thought I would put my two cents in and let you know how I feel about it now. After much debate I decided to go ahead and order rocker legs for my H-Frame vintage Eames chair off of ebay and to accompany the rocker I purchased a grey knitted pouf from CB2 to increase the overall comfort level, and guess what?? I am totally happy with how things turned out!

The rock on the Eames chair is really nice, that’s my favorite part about the whole thing, a nice smooth rock. There is obviously not a high neck/head rest on this chair, but that’s okay, I haven’t found myself needing it at all even on the most tiredest of nights. I actually think not having a place to rest my head keeps me more awake and alert for those late night feedings. The arms are in a good spot for me too, I think it’s actually really comfortable. I usually rest my arms and cradle Gus while I feed him a bottle. This also worked really well for while I was nursing too. The only thing I would change is possibly purchasing a small sheep skin from Ikea or cushion to sit on. There’s nothing like getting a baby to sleep only to wake him because your thighs are stuck to your chair. Not a cool mom move at all.

The grey pouf from CB2 is also awesome, it is the perfect size and does and great job of being a foot rest. It rocks with the rocker and make the rocker feel even more glider like. I love it. That’s not the only awesome thing about this pouf, did you know it also become a makeshift step stool? Every morning Finn pushes it over to the edge of the crib, climbs up and looks in to say good morning to his bro. I think it was a great purchase and would recommend it to anyone that was looking for a super functional nursery piece.

Also, the best part is that I LOVE THIS FURNITURE, so when Gus gets older and doesn’t need a rocking chair in his room anymore I can take it back and incorporate it in other rooms in the house. So it’s a win win win all the way around.

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Golden 30th Birthday!

Golden Birthday Balloons
Last Friday we celebrated Jeff’s 30th & Golden Birthday. We had a golden spread featuring make your own philly cheese steak sandwich’s, spicy chicken chili, and golden cupcakes. It was the best. Below are some shots of the party spread.

The Party Table
(dang a blurry photo, I should be able to do better than that. I NEED a new camera stat.)

Golden Cupcakes
I tried making some golden cupcakes, I didn’t really know how to go about doing it but this is what I ended up with. White cupcakes with luster dust tinted frosting topped with a sprinkling of canary yellow sugar and golden candles.

Golden B-Day Keg Stand
And of course the birthday boy.

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Waiting it Out.

Our House (color pallete)
Hey Everybody, It’s been awhile I know. Things are crazy hectic right now with all these kids and I’m still trying to figure it all out. My new guy Gus is still not sleeping well through the night and it’s putting a strain on the rest of day-to-day life.

I posted a few weeks ago that I started a tumblr page, and I have been blogging there daily keeping it quick, easy and light. Recently I put together a post featuring all the wall colors in my house and I figured I should probably share it with the henhouse site too.

I so miss having the time to do things to my house, I was going to start a project fixing up the music room but haven’t had time to do more than just cleaning it up. I haven’t had time to garden or craft or sew either but it’s all okay because I do know that someday soon things will get easier, it has to. In the meantime I have been keeping myself busy by playing in photoshop using my kids & my home as my muse.

Anyhow, seeing my house all laid out like it is above just makes me want to jump right in and start a new project or go shopping, stop by Ikea go to West Elm, go to a garage sale, AHHHH, get out of the house, do something. I am so ready for life to get back to “normal” again. I’ll keep you posted as to when the next project starts to happen…

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Cool Things!

Beer Pong for Moms

  • I’m a total slacker at these Cool things! lately. It’s partly because my life has been so nuts. I am just completing my second week of full time daycare watching Elsa, Finn & Gus, my husband had the flu and I had to sleep on the couch for 5 days, and my 7 week old is still only sleeping 2 hours at a time with 2 hour breaks in between seshes. Life is crazy to say the least. That’s why this weeks Cool Things! is to celebrate the only time I have been out of the house in the last two weeks, Rippys 31st b-day party last Friday. Colz and I made the perfect mom team and beat the boys at beer pong right before Jeff came down with a fever and we had to go.
  • In a little less than 2 hours I will begin my first adventure out of the house in quite awhile. I am sure it will involve a few martini’s and some good old girl time with Cam & Liz, can’t wait.
  • If anyone has any good suggestions for how I should get my kid to sleep please let me know. His problem; he loves being held WAY TOO MUCH. Well, that’s it for this week’s not-so Cool Things!, I hear some kids waking up and I gotta run.
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I Started a Tumblr Page

My Tumblr Page

I was inspired to start this page for a three reasons. First, I’ve had quite a few friends who have started tumblr pages so that they could have an easy way to show off kid photos to family and friends. I’ve got a lot of those types of photos too and I want to show em’ off as well. Second, tumblr reminds me of what I love about Instagram, which I’ve mentioned before is the freedom to post photos without feeling that I am posting them for any specific audience. The application itself is meant for photography so I don’t have to feel like I am clogging up a social media website with pictures of my kids. I feel like tumblr lends itself to this same idea. I don’t have to post for any specific audience other that myself. I don’t mind if family and friends want to take a peek now and then but I’m not making it for a blogging audience like Colz and I do with this site. Thirdly, I need to stay nimble with my design skills. I want every post to be an exercise in design, not only graphic design but web design as well.

I will always be posting at but I’ll be posting all the stuff that’s happening at La Casa Allen on my tumblr site. Take a look if you like:

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