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Ina Grau Shoes
Two weeks ago I received a special delivery by bike. My new Ina Grau shoes made just for me! I had ordered this pair about 6 weeks ago during the Ina Grau open house and I waited for them patiently every day. It was serious love at first site and these shoes have quickly become my new favorite thing. Without a doubt these shoes make me cooler and I feel good every time I slip them on.

Thanks to Crystal and Luisa! I seriously love ’em!

Ina Grau Shoes

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Gus the Goose

I rarely call my kids by their actual names. I have a thing for nicknames if you haven’t picked up on that. Finn has been “Finn Bear” aka “Bear” (like Bear Grylls… not) since the day he was born. When Gus was born I started calling him “Bear” too but I realized very quickly that it didn’t really make a lot of sense. I already had one bear, I didn’t need another. So Gus had to live life without a nickname for awhile until he proved his worth to the nickname gods. As Gus got older he started making weird hissing breathing sounds when he got super excited. Before we knew it he was officially “Gus the Goose.”

So what does that have to do with the picture above?

Back in 2007 our friend Aaron Anderson (aka McTubbins) made us a family crest. At that point it was just the two of us. The crest has made it’s home over our bed ever since. Then, we added Finn to the family. For his 1st birthday our friend Laura Olson (aka Laurax) gave Finn a small little drawing of a bear. It was destined to be part of our family wall and the drawing made it’s home above our bed directly under the crest.

Then Gus showed up, and we made no changes to our family tree (we are total jerks).

Just recently, I worked with Laurax on a bloggy project. She’s going to join the Peace Corp next month and is being relocated to Cambodia, (crazy!). She needed a blog stat, duh. So using all my blogging wizardry I helped her create a blog on blogger. It looks good and is ready to be filled with stories and drawings of her crazy adventures.

So what does that have to do with “Gus the Goose”? I’m getting there, okay.

Laura presented me with this sweet drawing at our last blog meeting. A little gosling for my wall. And now the trifecta is complete, and our family tree looks awesome!

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Macrame Chairs!

Hey-O Happy Freitag (that’s German for Friday) everybody. Guess what I am doing right now? Sitting in the waiting room of a hospital while Jeff gets a knee surgery for a torn Meniscus. We’re calling him “Young Menisc” from now on. He totally injured himself a few weeks back when Joel and Katrina were in town. I guess casually drinking beers in the backyard can result in knee surgery a month later, so be warned.

Anyway, I’d like to share with you my new favorite craft project: macrame lawn furniture. This combines two of my favorite things; sitting on chairs in the backyard and craft projects, so you can see why I was drawn to it.

It really all started a long time ago. My Grandpa’s craft was making macrame chairs out of colorful cord and discarded aluminum frames. He actually gave us two of the chairs as our wedding present, a totally sweet gift. We use them all the time and totally love the crazy patterns. My Grandpa has since passed away but his chairs remind me of him every time we get them out :)

My Grandpa’s patterns are a bit more serious than mine, or at least his colors are. He was a big fan of dusty blues and white cord with brown speckles. I saw this project as an opportunity to get bold with my colors.

I ordered up some old (aka vintage) macrame books on ebay and followed the instructions. Meanwhile my friend Roonz was given strict instructions to collect aluminum chairs for me at garage sales (she’s a serious garage sale nut).

It took a little bit to get a groove for how this all works. There’s not really any youtube videos to help me with this project. I guess making in depth instructional videos on how to make chairs for old people aren’t hot at the moment. The technical instructions provided in the books are not clear either. I kind of had to figure it out on my own. Using my crochet skillz I was able to figure out the method after about an hour. I finished the whole chair in one afternoon kid-nap sesh.

I have two more frames waiting in the wings. I’m thinking I might end the summer with way too much lawn furniture.

Update: New better macrame chair instructions over here.

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Me, Waff, Bruce Springsteen, Ireland.

I’ve hinted at it here and there but I don’t think I’ve ever really come out and said it. Jeff (aka Waff) and I are heading over the pond next month to visit our guy, Bruce Springsteen at the RDS Soccer stadium in Ireland!!!!!

One night over our christmas break, we semi drunkenly purchased two tickets to see Bruce in Dublin, something that we’ve always dreamed about doing. It was one of those things where we didn’t really think it all through, it just sounded awesome, so we did it.

Over the course of the last six months we’ve saved and purchased actual airline tickets to make it offish, booked hotel rooms and planned an itinerary. We’re heading out in just a few short weeks and I can barely stand the wait. It’s all starting to finally seem real.

We visited Dublin back in 2007 and have a decent feel for the city. We will probably do a lot of what we did last time; sit in pubs, eat, drink, visit the Guinness brewery gravity bar, stop by the Jameson distillery, go see Bruce, spend a night with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and maybe catch the new Wes Anderson flick. We’ll just be going for a short stint so we’ll be packing it full.

We haven’t had any time off since Christmas and we are ready for a break away from the kids. Lucky for me, my folks are totally awesome and going to come watch ’em. CAN’T. THANK. THEM. ENOUGH. They totally rule for taking on these bunch of crazies.

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All Knitwear: Studio Tour & Interview

A few months back I got in touch with Annie Larson; owner, creator and designer of super cool ALL Knitwear. Not only was I totally impressed by the colors and patterns of her knit sweaters, leggings, skirts, and hats, but as a interior design junky, I was equally impressed with the recent photos she had been posting on her blog ( of her new Bushwick, NY studio.

New Studio
Is there anything you’d like to share about your work, who you work with, etc?
I’m now entering my third year with ALL Knitwear and it’s still just me behind the machine, but earlier this year I started working with two interns at my studio here in Brooklyn. I have also worked with Eric Carlson on knit patterns, Sam Hoolihan with documentation, Crystal Quinn for one million pom poms, and my friends for modeling.

You’ve participated in the Optical Fiber show in Philadelphia back in March, what other big plans are on the horizon for ALL Knitwear in 2012?
As of right now, I don’t really have anything lined up besides trying to keep up with the sweater shop and wholesale orders. I will be working with a few new stockists this year, including my first in the UK, and will continue to work with many of the stores I have supplied in the past. At the end of this month I will be moving studios and am bracing myself for the next round of transitions. Aside from that, I hope to keep doing nails and maybe take up painting other tiny things as well.

New Studio
You have so many inspiring objects in your space, what’s your favorite possession?
My miniature food collection, and my sweaters…

You’ve recently moved from Minneapolis to Brooklyn, what are your favorite things to do in your new neighborhood?
I go to the Tortilla Factory for spicy pork tacos once a week. I also like hanging out with Eric on our stoop.

New Studio

Can you share a little bit about your new studio?
I’ve been sharing a 650 sq. foot studio with another artist in Bushwick since the beginning of this year, but will be moving to a new space next month. I am considering a number of different options for the next space, including sharing with another fashion designer, renting a storefront, or flying solo.

My Corner
I love your YELLOW shelf, can you tell us more about it please?
Yes! It’s from, a company located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I think they do custom powder-coating as well, and sell mis-matched components for a discounted price, which means you could make a pretty dope color-blocked industrial shelf for even less money

Your new rug is amazing, how’d you get it? Where’s it from?
I am lucky and have a lovely friend who gave it to me after she purchased it for her own studio and it ended up not working out. In exchange for the rug, I helped pay for a flight to visit me earlier this year and we had the best time together.

Bamboo Stripe Tee
If you don’t know about ALL Knitwear, you should. Go check out Annie’s amazing patterns at ALLFOREVERYONE.COM and follow her on instgram (annieleelarson), you’ll enjoy getting her daily dose of color, patterns, texture and inspiration.

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