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Bedroom Accessories

I’m still not done with our master bedroom, but I’m getting there. I’ve got one wall left to paint, a little trim to touch up and some new hardware to install. Then the painting/updating/fixing/repairing part of the project is done. Next comes the really fun part, shopping!

So if Jeff (wink wink) let me go hog wild, this is what I would buy:
1. Organmi Crease Vase from Have You Met MIss Jones
2. Draper Stripe Shames from Dwell Studio – Just another piece of Dwell Studio linens to add to the bedding. I know that there is a lot of pattern going on already, but why stop there. I’d love to add these in replace of the white shams I currently have on the bed.
3. Perch Glass Lamp from West Elm – Bedside Table Lamp Part I
4. Alarm Clock with Yellow Hands from Braun
5. Ruperta Cushion from Fine Little Day – Total Love Fest
6. Industrial Task Desk Lamp from West Elm – Bedside Table Lamp Part II. I’m totally obsessed with this lamp, I want it, and I love it.

Remember, this is how my room is looking.

We have the bookshelf on the far wall and it brings a lot of color to the room, but the rest of the space is lacking a bit, and I’d like to bring some of those bright pops to other parts of the room with a few of the above accessories.

Photo Credit:
I’ve been totally inspired by Victoria’s space in the above photo. I’m in love with the black and white and all the color. No matter how much I’d love to be one of those minimal types I just can’t go get down with a minimal palette in my own space. I want the bedroom to look grown up, but still not too serious.

Can’t wait to get this room done, it will be the first time we’ve really ever had a nice, put-together bedroom.

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Don’t Worry, I’ll Save You.

It won’t be long before I am in full on outdoor and garden mode, I’m warning ya. So with these last few days before the official warm weather sets in I’ve been shoring up some indoor projects.

One of the pressing projects on my to-do list is to repair the stone wall in our front porch. Its paint has been starting to peel for awhile now and now is constantly shedding all over the floor. The older kids know they are not supposed to touch it, but no matter how many times I tell Gus, he just doesn’t get it (stupid baby).

I can only assume that there is lead paint in some of these chipping layers. After much deliberation we decide the best way to handle it is to scrape away the loose paint only. Stripping is way too hard and messy, and sanding is not an option. I want the minimal amount of paint-dust airborne as humanely possible.

So we lightly scrape. Unfortunately, the scraping leaves deep gorges in the surface of the porch, but I don’t really mind, I’ll just chalk it up to character.

The next step is to prime and paint the porch. Honestly, I really have no idea why I decided primer and paint would be the correct solution to this problem. It just made the most sense to me to prime it, as to protect it from moisture and to seal in the bad stuff. Then finish it off with two coats of paint just like any other project. I had the paint matched at the hardware store, and it’s a pretty close, lucky for me. That saves me from painting the pillars and all the other woodwork around the windows.

My hope is that now that the old paint is sealed up tight that the chipping paint will cease and I won’t have to worry about slowly poisoning my kids. If in another year or so it starts to chip again, I’ll just have to repeat the process. I think it’s the safest way to go when dealing with this hazardous paint business.

Other projects I’m trying to finish up:
▼ Painting the bedroom
▼ Repairing marred doors in the bedroom
▼ Painting the window sashes in the bedroom
▼ Stripping the paint from the door hardware
▼ Replacing the sash locks and handles

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Spring Barware

My friend Cam gifted me this super awesome barware set recently. I am in love. We used it for the first time this weekend it works well with Gin drinks. It even comes with it’s own insulated yellow cup koozies, I mean,does it get any better?

It’s currently on display on my buffet. I’ve never had a bar set up before but I’m loving this because of all the yellow. It makes my dining room feel ready for spring, I think I’ll keep it up for awhile. Hopefully it doesn’t mean I’m a total boozer, I just enjoy a good cocktail.

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Curb Appeal

Dark Blue & Yellow Door
Hello, My name is Alison Allen and I am crazy with a capital “C”. I just spent a lot of time hanging out with photoshop and pretending what my house may or may not look like after this summer’s paint job.

Below (and above) you will find 3 potential paint and door options, take a look and tell me what you think. I’d love to hear your opinions, as I am driving myself insane.

Grey & Yellow Door

Light Grey & Red Door
Did you notice that I also photoshopped a new foundation garden into the above images? Just another project I’d like to get underway this summer. What do you think? I need some gardeners out there giving me feedback because I barely know what I am doing.

Here’s a birds-eye-view of the garden so you can get a feel for the layout.

And of course the break down:
1. Peegee Hydrangea – I love the look of these and am dying to have one in my yard but I am worried that they can get too big. I want mine to consistently stay a small size. So what’s the deal, do they get to be really big, can I prune them to stay a certain size, or is there a specific variety that would suit my needs?

2. Impatiens with pink center – In the past I’ve always gotten pretty fancy with my window box, but this year I think I’m gonna keep it simple and just go with white Impatiens.

3. Pink Azaleas – I would like to have some pink out in the front of the house but I am not sure what type of plant would be best for this area, I am debating between Pink Azaleas or Hot Pink Phlox.

4. Hot Pink Phlox – I have pink phlox like this in my backyard and I really like them. They get to be about 18″ tall, which is a nice size. I wouldn’t want anything to be much taller. It’s either the Phlox or Azaleas, any opinions out there?

5. Hosta – This is the Guacamole variety of Hosta. I would like to find a type that produces big lime green leaves and can handle a little sun. Any suggestions are welcomed.

6. Small Profusion White Zinnia – I’m considering having either Zinnias or Alyssum for the border of the garden. I love both and I’m not sure what would do better out front.

7. Alyssum – Alyssum are awesome border flowers because they grows and fill in so quickly and smell great. What do you think I should do, Alyssum or Zinnia’s?

Sorry for being a big baby on this post. I know I can’t make up my mind. These are big decisions and I suck at making them. I would really seriously love to hear what you have to say.

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Tutorial : Replacing Sash Cords

Here it is: the Sash Cord Replacement How-To, only two years in the making.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned on the blog how badly I’ve wanted to repair two windows on the main floor of our house. The first spring we lived here we realized there were two windows without sash cords. I suppose it could be worse considering the age of the house but, unfortunately for us, they are our two largest windows in the house and having them open would really help with the airflow. Oh did I forget to mention not only are they missing sash cords, they don’t open at all? Yep, they are painted shut from the outside. Blargh. This project has been on my to-do list since the day we moved in.

…Then I got pregnant, and my huge belly and chronic pain got in the way of any home repairs.

Now it’s spring time again, I’m not pregnant, and I can finally take on this project!

*Spoiler alert brahs: The above photo is my dining room window after I fixed it.

Look at those old crusty broken sash cords and—even worse—the layers of paint that seal these babies shut from the outside. I know not all of you live up here in the Nordic Tundra Land™ so let me explain why this sucks and is so much more complicated to repair. On a lot of old houses, owners have installed newer storm windows on the exterior to keep out the cold and retain the heat. My original windows were painted shut from the outside prior to the newer storm windows being installed, therefore leaving me no way to access the “painted-shut” areas. My windows were being held hostage. But don’t worry, cool old windows. Scoops is here to save the day.

[click to continue…]

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