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Mix Tape : Christmas Jamz

Ho, Ho, Ho! Now that is officially Christmas music listening to time (post Nov 15), I am bestowing upon you the very best in christmas jamz. I consider myself a connoisseur of the best holiday tuneages. I practically love all Christmas music READ MORE
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Thinking About : Sofas

I've had sofas on the brain for awhile now. After witnessing my almost 9 year old living room sofa be drowned in baby puke, used as a trampoline by 3 & 4 year olds and partied on by grown ups (a lot), it's showing it's age and it's war wounds. READ MORE
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Best Bruce Weekend Recap!

Hello my friends! This weekend with Bruce was a total success!! We made it to the pit both nights, luck was on our side! The first night I had my first experience touching Bruce as he landed on top of me during "Hungry Heart," while crowd surfing READ MORE
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Countdown to Bruce

Guys, can you hardly stand it? Less than a week until Bruce comes to visit me here in the Twin Cities. I know I can barely stand it, two back to back nights with the Boss, 4 Bruce shows in one year. How could I be so lucky? I thought I'd share READ MORE
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It’s Picture Hanging Time!

Well all this reupholstering of dining room chairs has me in desperate need of getting my dining room a smidge bit more put together. This room has been driving me crazy since we moved in. It's the paneling, it's nice, but it's dark and it gets in READ MORE
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