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Guys! It’s only 9 days till the Mad Men Season 5 premiere!!! Can you hardly stand it?

In honor of such a momentous occasion this week’s Etsy Finds post is in honor of alcoholics, philanderers and hot-mod-ladies everywhere.

We will be celebrating the season 5 premiere by drinking fancy-ass-cocktails out of some vintage roly poly glassware while tuning in. What are you gonna do?

Here’s some barware selections to turn your Mad Men party into a total swank fest:

1. Modern Black and Gold Diamond Roly Poly Set of Seven Glasses from VintMod – $34.00 ON SALE + $14.00 (for shipping) – I bought a set of two in this same pattern. They are the GREATEST.
2. Vintage Gold Cocktail Glasses and Caddy from The Vintage Resource – $42.00 + $18.00 (for shipping)
3. Game Bird Pilsner Glasses in Caddy Set of 8 from Old Green Canoe – $32.00 + $20.00 (for shipping)
4. Cork and Chrome Ice Bucket from luola – $19.00 + $14.89 (for shipping)

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Dreaming About Exterior Paint Colors

*Updated: from Tamara Kaye-Honey


from Home Shoot Home

After putting it off for the past few summers, I think we’re going to finally paint the house this year!! <--- Those exclamation points are a serious understatement.

A little background: The exterior of the house was the almost-deal-breaker for us when we bought our place. It’s really, really dated and unfortunately somewhat permanent. At some point, someone decided it would be a good idea to cover the clapboard siding with 10 “x 20″ inches panels of asbestos-ridden grossness. Herein lies my problem: making that siding look good.

I’ve been pinning up a storm over over on pinterest these days to get some ideas for exterior paint colors. Featured above are a few of my fav examples. I’m head over heels for the first one, but not sure I can pull it off at our place. I’m putting together another post next week where I Photoshop colors on to my house (so suspenseful, right?).

All around, I am sucker for dark blues and grays and am helpless against a yellow door’s powers.

I would love to know if anyone has experience with painting this age of house and, even better, does anyone have any experience with the aforementioned siding? Here’s a link to a few pics of how the place looks as of last spring.

Thanks for your input in advance!

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Me Vs. The Toys

Right when I think I have it under control it happens again… The toys start ruling the house. This time I blame it on Gus. I finally have most of the bigger kids toys corralled and organized in the basement (thanks to my Ikea Expedit shelving), and then all of a sudden Gus’ stuff is all up in my business.

Gus has been rolling around, scooting and attempting to crawl for a few weeks. He spends a good chunk of his time on the floor in my living room. With all his activity comes a lot of small baby sized toys like rattles, balls, and a plethora of other colorful and squishy stuff. Anyway, I need a place for it all to go.

A few weeks ago I found the exact sort of functional piece that I had been looking for on craigslist; a big side table with a drawer and space underneath for potential toy hideaways. So now I need to find that magic vessel to sit underneath my new side table and store all that baby business.

Pictured above are a few affordable options I’ve found.
▼ The first is a super inexpensive maize weave basket from Target. I really like the shape of it. It’s nice and angular (my kid of bin) and I like the contrast of the organic texture. Unfortunately, I’m not sure about the color – I’m worried it would draw too much attention to that space. Still it’s a steal for $22.99
▼ The second option is from West Elm, I really love the zig zag weave pattern on this basket, but this is the smallest basket out of the four. I’m not sure if I’d be happy with something this size. The good thing is that I could always get two different sized baskets, as they come in small, medium, and large.
▼ Option number three is one of my fav’s. It’s the round seagrass number from West Elm. This option is good for a few reasons; I like the colors, I like the shape, and I like the handles. It also would make an easy transition piece if I ever wanted to use it in another room. Unfortunatley, I’m not so sure how it will work in my living room or specifically under the table and it’s the most expensive basket out of the whole group (of course it is).
▼ Lastly, option four. The collapsible wire basket from CB2. I don’t know why, but I kind of love this one. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for this basket to be on the list, as it’s not very practical. I mean, It’s completely transparent. All those toys and little do-dads are just gonna fall through the holes AND all that kid stuff is gonna be seen plain as day. The thing is, there’s something about it that I really like, and I’m wondering if it could be more functional if I were to use some vintage linen as lining?

I’m still not sure which one I’m gonna pick. I’m not even sure if I can really get all fibery and baskety either, it’s kind of a stretch for me. What do you think, are there any winners?

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Finn got his first package from his Uncle Matt & Aunt Katie in the mail last week. Excited does not come close to describing Finn’s reaction to this. It took nearly an hour to sort through all the contents of the package. Each item had to be carefully examined and dissected. Inside the box he found confetti, a magnifying glass, a small flash light, foam shapes, a coloring book, 2 Ed Emberley books, a ball of rainbow colored yarn, a chocolate egg, erasers, pencils, stickers, markers, a rock, a coin, a circle stencil, glitter and few other small trinkets. Mind blown.

After Finn settled down and the excitement dimmed, Finn and I decided that we would use the contents of the box to make a package for Matt & Katie and send it back in the mail. By the way, if you didn’t know, sending letters in the mail is a novel idea to kids. Finn thinks it’s insane and awesome that the mail carrier actually will pick up his package and take it to Matt and Katie’s house.

Here’s Finn playing the role of sleazy pantless photographer.
We spend a Friday afternoon producing our creations. We use cut shapes, markers, tape, glitter and yarn to assemble our return correspondence.

Out of all our creations, this is what Finn chooses to send back to Matt & Katie.

Now we wait patiently to see if we get a response to our package.

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New Paint in my Bedroom

My New Black & White Walls!

My Bed on a white wall

Black love close ups
So, I did it. I pulled the trigger. I painted my bedroom wall black, and I think I’m kind of in love. I’ve been swooning over black for awhile now, and after discussing this idea with a few friends whose opinions I trust, I decided to go for it. I ordered up some paint a few weeks ago from Farrow & Ball and waited. Fast forward to Thursday: a shit ton of paint shows up on my doorstep. By Thursday night there was paint on my walls.

The plan was to paint the far wall a color called “Railings” — a deep black with a hint of blue. The other walls would be “Winborne White” and the trim would be “All-White”. Doing this with kids in the house is a crazy juggling act. First off, I’m a lazy painter. By that I mean I just pull out a brush and I go to town. I don’t prep, I don’t use drop cloths, I don’t change my clothes, I don’t use tape and I don’t prepare or get the necessary supplies and tools. Now you know my dirty secret. It shouldn’t be a surprise to you that half of my room is still unpainted.

I would hate to have to move all my furniture into the middle of the room and work around it. I just can’t deal with that chaos, so I work in sections. I started with the wall behind my bed; first the trim, then primer on the walls, then two coats of paint and lastly I cut in around the molding. It might take longer painting wall by wall but it’s much better this way because if a kid decides that they need me to help them go pee and then need a glass of milk and then need a new show on Netflix…well, then I can drop what I’m doing and get back to it later. Even if later is days from now. My room won’t exist as a total disaster, just a partial disaster during that period. You see where I’m going with this. Anyway, more on that later. For now, what do you think?

The wall that I painted black is paneling. Not cool paneling either — if paneling can even be cool — it’s ugly paneling. I’m afraid to take it down because I’m pretty sure it’s hiding dark, dark secrets. My suspicion is that corner of the room used to exist as the 2nd closet and then someone decided to remove it in order to make the room bigger. I would dare to say that the wall behind the paneling is in rough shape. Where am I going with this? What I’m trying to say is that the black paint makes the paneling better. At first glance it’s not apparent that it’s paneling, and when you notice it, the paneling actually looks kind of nice, not scary, gross or old.

This is where I stopped
As you can see, I stopped right up there above the door. I haven’t even finished the hard part. I still have to paint both doors and the window frames. Eesh, and that’s not even as fun or satisfying. Anyone wanna place bets on how long this will take me?

I'm Crazy, I label and refrigerate my brushes
So remember how I mentioned I work in fits and starts? Well, in order to stop and start at the drop of a hat, I refrigerate my brushes and rollers. I put them in a bag, label them (if I have more than one), and then throw them in the basement fridge. I can’t be the only one that does this. It makes jumping back in real easy.

Roller Graveyard
Be careful though. There is something that exists called the “Roller Graveyard”, and it lives at my house. Do ya think I have an aversion to cleaning out rollers? I told you, LA-ZY painter.

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