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Chairs, Chairs, Chairs!

So many chairs...
Hi! Does anyone else love a good chair as much as I do? My collection has been growing and growing and is starting to get a little out of hand. I’ve been accumulating chairs for awhile but I took it to the next level over the last 2 months when I adopted 3.5 new chairs.

In November, I purchased the black Bertoia chair on craigslist to swap it out for the Eames arm chair that I had been using as desk seating. Then I wanted to put the mustard colored Eames chair in the living room with a new black & walnut rocker base. All very reasonable furniture moves. Then to my surprise, I won the Apartment Therapy Color Contest with the grand prize being 2 more Eames molded chairs with dowel bases. Yikes! I put the new white Eames chairs in the music room, but I wouldn’t doubt it if they got whisked off to a new room at any minute.

Anyhow, it’s looking like a chair explosion up in here. I need to start some sort of chair addiction program. I’m on probation. No more! If you see me trying to hoard more chairs slap my wrists. I know my husband would appreciate it.

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Big Updates On The Way!!!

Re-Designing the Site
Big things are in the works around here at the old Henhouse. After wanting to switch from blogger to wordpress for the last year, I finally have got the ball rolling and am taking the plunge! It’s been a great learning experience so far. I forget how much I love problem solving, designing and figuring out code. I’ve almost got the whole site re-designed now I just have to wait for the blogger host (enon) to transfer my site over to where I have hosted all my sites in the past. It’s kind of a major headache and I really don’t know what to expect. I’m sure at any minute the transfer can go through which would leave the current ( temporarily non-functioning. I just hope I’m ready to get it all up and running when the switch occurs. That being said, consider yourself warned.

 The new site is gonna be awesome!! I really can’t wait. It will be super functional, beautiful, well designed (I hope), and fresh. That’s really what we need around here, a fresh face for the new year. So if you don’t see me much around the blog over the next week or so it’s cause I’m spending all my free time working on the new site. Can’t wait to show it off, hopefully it will be live and in action sooner than later.

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Cool Things!

Cool Things 01.06.12
Are you starting to sense a theme here?  For some reason I can’t get off this black, white & grey kick, is it happening to anyone else too?  Maybe I’ve been reading a little too much, but these days my heart only longs for triangles and most things black and white.

Here are a few of my favorite items that have caught my eye over the last few days:
1. I adore this little pouch from Bookhou at Home.  I ran across it via the sfgirlbybay blog yesterday and I hearted it immediately. Hand printed in indigo blue (not black) and green, it would make the perfect home for an iPad tote, or if you’re me, a few diapers, a toy monkey, and a wallet.  You can find it over at Bookhou at Home’s Etsy shop.

2. In the midst of doing our music room project we lost a desk lamp.  The music room was lacking lighting and our desk lamp quickly found a new home.  So I guess that means we need a new lamp? No problem, I will happily start looking for one.  I came across this amazing cord lamp at who’s logo is “Pretty Modern Design.”  It’s true too, everything on their website is the greatest.  I don’t know if my house actually suits this lamp but there is something about it that I just can’t get over, and I kinda wanna have it.

3. Also, while on Gretel I came across the Ratzer blanket.  I actually had seen this blanket a few weeks ago somewhere else out there in internet land, but I couldn’t find a source for it within the United States. Then what do you know, I come across it again at  I am happy to know where I can find it, just incase I ever need to go buy myself a $140 throw.  Isn’t it the greatest?

Lastly, I have to mention  Am I late to the party on this one?  I signed up for it the other day and it seems pretty cool.  It’s one of those “member’s only” type sites, but they seem to feature a lot of cool stuff, even some vintage pieces. Anyways, if you haven’t heard about it, check it out here.

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Things Done, Things To Do.

Need to add artwork...
One of my big projects to finish by the end of the year was the “music room” aka the odd extra room on the back of our house that we’ve made home to our piano and record collection. It was a mess before, and I have plenty of pictures to prove it. Since November I have been slowly pounding away at it and I’ve finally made it to the final stretch.

Here’s a little recap of the changes I’ve made and the finishing touches I have yet to do. Just in case you forgot, or don’t read the blog, or whatever, here is the mood board I made way back in September when I was dreaming up this room. It’s changed, as all projects do but the overall feel has remained the same.

The biggest thing of course is getting down the really bad 80′s country floral wallpaper, it was a mess and took me weeks of on-again off-again work to get it done.  As the wallpaper came down it became more and more apparent that the plaster below was a total goner.  Luckily I know a guy, who knows a guy, and I was able to have Ken, the handiest of handy men, come over and fix it all for me and make it beautiful again.

The next step was paint and wallpaper.  Jeff and I were able to kill it during nap times and all-night-wallpapering shifts over our Christmas break.  Thankfully, we were able to drink a few beers and listen to some records and it made for happy work (believe it or not.)

As you can see in the above picture, I highlighted some of the things left to be done.  First and foremost being to get some show posters and other memorabilia on the wall from back in the days when Jeff was in the “legendary touring band,” The Plastic Constellations, and if you believe that one…

Coming together
Here’s this angle, Santa brought Jeff some much needed guitar stands for Christmas.  We hung up a drawing that we’ve been hauling around with us over the last few years made by our talented and super good friend, Matt Scharenbroich.  As you can see in the notes above, I would like to paint that piano bench.  It was an alley find and I was supposed to fix it up a LONG time ago.  Pictured above is a piece of fabric I ordered online thinking it would be more of an orangey-red, I like the pattern but am not convinced that the color will work.

Piano & Drawing
Here’s this old piano that Jeff likes to play.  Matt’s drawing helps to anchor the space and finally gives this piano a home, thank god.  My original plan was to have a vintage brass floor lamp in the room, I still haven’t come across the perfect fixture but when I find it I’ll get rid of the one that is there now.  My good friend Cam had a pair of awesome teak and brass swag hanging lamps and was kind enough to give me one.  It still needs to be hung in the corner and the inner shade needs to be replaced as it’s super yellowed when the light is on.  I love the look of it though and can’t wait to get it hung up.

Here is the biggest space saver of them all, mounted wall shelves!!! Hooray, and I did it almost all by myself.  There was a point where I forgot that I had left the drill and 2 hammers on top of the ladder before I moved it.  Pretty sure I received a concussion from that rookie move.  Never again.  I’m still not convinced that the paintings will stay, but for now they are welcome.  I also need to paint that ugly radiator.  Anyone ever done this?  I still haven’t done any research on it but it seriously NEEDS to be done.  All that melted ice cream color is making my grey walls look violet.  Yuck.  And I’m still waiting for those 2 fine Eames chairs in white to arrive in the mail that I won during my winning streak it November.

My favorite view.
Lastly, I couldn’t do this post without sharing my favorite view.  At just the right angle you can see the wallpaper from the living room.  It’s just the best.  I know I have a thing for the blue, but it works and I love it, so I can’t hate it or feel bad about it.  I’ll do one final post when I get it all figured out, for my sake, let’s hope it won’t be long.  Cool, that’s all, thanks for listening!

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Polar Plunge 2012!

Polar Plunge
Another year, another New Year’s Day polar plunge. The crew set out once again New Year’s morning to jump in the freezy-freeze-ice-cold waters of Lake Minnetonka. For a second we thought the weather may be balmy, but as New Year’s Eve turned in to New Year’s Day it became clear that the jump would be just as cold as all the others.

Polar Plunge

Polar Plunge
Finn and Elsa bundled up and joined Colz and I as wait for the jumpers.

Polar Plunge
Ice Brothers 

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