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Planning a Raised Bed Garden

What the heck? Two gardening posts in 1 week and it’s not even March? I know, I know, I am totally crazy, but when I get on this kick it’s all I can think about. I mentioned a few days ago that I was considering a raised bed garden and then after chatting with my Ma, I was convinced it was something we should totally do. Finn is so interested in gardening and has been since he could walk that I think caring for a small veggie garden would be something he’d really like to do.

The Space:
Our backyard is decent size for the city but isn’t huge. We have gardens around the perimeter of the backyard and the interior space is all lawn for playing, grilling, bagging, and chilling. The only space we really have for a raised bed veggie garden would be in the small side yard between our house and the neighbors. It’s actually not a bad location because it’s south facing and gets lots of light all day long, the space itself is long and narrow. Pictured above (way at the top) are two possible raised bed layouts, one would function as a 4′x 8′ rectangular garden, and the other would follow the line of the house, leaving a more tailored looking walkway and garden. Obviously, the latter option is the better, but my the solution is harder than that. This is a problem of form vs function.

The Kits:
I was looking around for raised bed kits (which can be insanely expensive by the way) when I came across the most beautiful and modern looking garden kit made by Scout Regalia out of California. The garden hardware is well designed, made by local people and produced as eco friendly as possible. I loved it immediately.

Since I am internet shopping junkie, I had to do my due diligence and make sure I wasn’t missing anything better. I continued my search and stumbled upon these aluminum corners made by Burpee, the cost is slightly less but the great thing about these is the tubes interlock thus allowing them to pivot. They can accommodate any angle, so it would be totally possible to make a garden that followed the contour of the house and not have to get out my protractor. Not only that, they can be easily added on to, so if next year I wanted to expand my garden it won’t be a problem.

The Decision:
In the end I think I’ll have to go with the pivoting aluminum corners from Burpee but I think the rectangular raised bed kit from Scout Regalia is oh-so-great. If anyone is looking for a rectangular raised bed garden please go check these out. I hope somebody else has the perfect place for this raised bed garden in their yard.

Also, BLAOW: This is the greatest patio table I have ever seen in my whole life, the next time I have 3 G’s burning a hole in my pocket it’s mine.

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Back in Black

Photo Credits – Top : Morgan Satterfield @ The Brick HouseBottom Left : Found via The DecoristaBottom Right : Found via Convoy

I know I’m not the only one that’s got a little of the black fever going around. I’m seriously considering painting a wall in my bedroom black and have been finding plenty of inspiration over on pinterest. There has been handfuls of brave (and awesome) souls who have already done this, and I’d like to follow in their footsteps.

I can’t get over what it does to a room, it absorbs and reflects light in the perfect sort of way, and makes everything some kind of wonderful. Look at how those flowers and credenza stand out against it. That photo wall is a perfect example of how it can make a collection sing, and the bedroom shot from The Brick House highlights those vintage Nelson lamps like she planned it or something.

Photo Credits – Top : Victoria Smith @ sfbgirlbybay, Bottom : Anna Dorfman @ D16

I adore Victoria’s blacky-blue wall (although she says that it is less blue in real life) that she painted in her room and it looks AMAZING paired with those brass sconces. If I could transplant that wall in my room, I would, in a hot second. Anna @ Door Sixteen was the first introduction I had to “the black wall”. I wasn’t on board right away, but then that black wall started to grow on me, and now, I think it’s kind of the best. If you haven’t yet, stop by her blog, she loves black more than me, and has painted lots of black walls in her house.

Photo Credits – Left : Found via LilyRight : Found via ISOWANEE

I gotta give some love to good old white, my optic cones be digging that too. I love a white room with a ton of color found throughout it’s accents & accessories. I would like to flatter myself and think my bedroom is both bright, airy, graphic and colorful like the above two rooms. I want my white and colorful to marry a black wall, do you think it could happen? I think it could be SO AWESOME, (Sawesome!)

P.S. If I included your photo and didn’t give it the credit it so deserves let me know, I’d be happy to change that.

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Hurry up Already

Finn and I (and Gus), got all crazy and antsy the other day and ran over to our local garden center and purchased a whole lot of seeds. This is our 3rd annual seed fest and every year we get a little more fancy. The first year we planted our seeds in eggshells, the second year we went to town and planted a ton of seeds and then I got really pregnant and we kind of stopped watering them. This year we’re hardcore. We bought our seeds, we got some pro dirt, and we purchased small greenhouses. We’re gonna kill it this year.

As we were paying for our seeds at the store the cashier made a comment that we got a “little bit of everything” and then chuckled, which the self conscious and paranoid me probably took the wrong way. Did I get too much stuff?, or too many different of things? Should I be buying tons of one kind of seed and perfecting the art of growing it, or should I be getting only annuals? I have no idea, but I did what seemed good to me. Don’t judge.

We got 3 different kinds of Zinnia’s because we love them and they grow great in our yard. I hope that all three kinds are successful this year. Normally we just get the “Giant” style but this year we also added Zahara (a mix of coral pink, neon green and white), and Envy (a big green bloom).We also got snap dragons, which we killed last year, but we thought we’d try again. Marigolds, which are always easy. Some Lupine, which is a perennial, and I’m not sure how well it will survive from seed. I’m not done yet though, we also bought something new, Moonflower, which is an evening glory instead of a morning glory and blooms in white. And lastly we grabbed some Nasturtium which did well and looked nice in our gardens last year. Then there are the herbs… we got the usual assortment and we hope they will do well in in pots and taste great in our cocktails.

Finn was a great helper, very patient and careful. We are still planning on planting some Dalhia and Ranunculus bulbs and are considering adding a small, raised bed vegetable garden to the side yard.

We also just signed up for our first ever CSA (!!!) through Driftless Organics, based in Wisconsin. Anyway, I’m not sure if a veggie garden is really practical considering how stocked we will be but I think the kids would enjoy it. We will see…

Now we just need spring to get here and we will be set, so hurry up already, ya heard.

Oh, and I almost forgot, here are few tips on starting seeds!!

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Music Room Complete!

15 - Music Room 1
I’m so proud to show off the completed music room!!!! It’s been a big project that I started planning way back in September. It was my hope to finish by the end of the year, and I came close, but still had a hand full of small projects to get done.

Here’s a before photo just to refresh your memory:
What a hot mess it was. It’s come a long way.

I started with slowly removing all the wallpaper, which ended with having the walls re-plastered. The plaster beneath the wallpaper wasn’t in good shape, and now the walls are pristine and smooth, like Hall and Oates light funk.

16 - Music Room 2
My good old friend Brittany (aka Killa Cam), let me have this most wonderful teak and brass swag lamp. The inner paper is a little yellowed but it looks so great. I completely love it in the room.

17 - Music Room 3
We purchased some of our favorite Expedit shelves from Ikea. We bought one of the 4×2′s and two of the 2×2′s. The second 2×2 was used as the corner piece for the ‘L’. I went to town with a chop saw and turned it into a 1×2 then attached it to the 4×2 and 2×2 with ‘L’ brackets. Are you confused yet? My original plan was to have a long and low shelf for record storage, but this ‘L’ plan is a much better use of space.

I went for the black and white lamp from the “Vintage Etsy Finds” post I did a few weeks ago. I’m not totally in love with it, but it’s not my room, and I figured Jeff could have a say. The black lamp shade was just a spare I had around the house, and I’m not sure it will stay for long. I envision an elongated white drum shade would suit the shape of the lamp better.

And did you notice the curtains?? Aren’t they just so manly now? Here’s a link on how I made my Ikea gathered top curtains into grommet top curtains.

[click to continue…]

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A New Side Table??

Walnut & Chrome Side Table
A cool looking side table showed up on craigslist yesterday and I had to jump on it. I’ve been casually looking for awhile but had some pretty strict functionality criteria that made the pool of potential tables small. On top of looking seriously great I needed the table to have a drawer for remotes, small toys, and secret diaper stashes AND I needed open space underneath to easily conceal a toy basket. A mom needs her hiding places. This table did all that stuff.

The table is made by American of Martinsville and was labeled a George Nelson piece in the CL ad, although I’m not quite sure that’s true. I know that it’s controversial that George Nelson actually designed for American of Martinsville and if he allegedly did the pieces I’ve seen on the internets have a ‘X’ inlay in the corners. If anyone has any insight into this I’d love to hear from ya. Anyway, getting off topic here.

new end table for the living room
So, like I said, I’ve been looking for awhile, I saw this ad, I liked it, I saw it in real life, I got it. Now it’s here and it’s totally throwing me off. I’m not used to having something in this corner of the living room, it seems huge, but I think it’s all in my head. And chrome, it’s fancy and shiny. I’m not fancy or shiny, can I still hang with chrome? I always envisioned a Saarinen tulip side table for this space but of course, you can’t hide diapers in that. What do you think? Should it stay?

No end table :(

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