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No time for focusing
Here it is, by popular demand. The post about how Crystal, McTubbins and I, hopped into a orange truck and went looking for amazing junk during a downpour in Bloomington last week.

Crystal finding the very rare & elusive Laura Ashley poster circa 1994
One day every year the entire city of Bloomington cleans out their junk and throws it on the curb. There is no limit to the amount of trash stuff they can put on the curb, so many good finds to be found.

Crystal and I embarked on the same journey 3 years ago, we were successful in junk but bad in luck, more here.

Anyway, this year we only found a few good finds including a wooden slat shadowbox, a bentwood chair with broken cane, a white wicker chair and a paper mache pac man.

In other news, I am so crazy busy with baby shower prep. Heads up, it may be a sparse week around the blog.

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Etsy Finds

Hey-O Everybody! I’m changing Etsy Finds up a little this week. First of all, I’m stepping out side of my normal vintage zone and making this ‘finds’ open to the whole world of Etsy. Secondly, you should note that each item isn’t less than $75, the whole GD shower is, (well the decorations anyways) the rest is up to you :)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or you don’t read my blog, either could be possible, you should know that I’m throwing a raging shower for Cam (aka Brittany Mader, aka Killa Cam) next Saturday. I’ve been cumulating a nice little pile of decorations from Etsy and I though I’d share with you a version of what I’ve got going on. This will be the sister post to another post I’ve got planned for next week where I break down the whole kit and caboodle. Anyways lets get down to business.

1. Handmade Bunting Made From Vintage Sheets from Little Tea Wagon – $22.50 + $5.00 (for shipping)
2. 50 Hot Pink Paper Straws from A Pretty Little Party – $7.50 + $3.50 (for shipping)
3. 10 Pom Pom with Mixed Sizes from Lili Poms – $30.00 + $5.20 (for shipping)
4. Floral Print Twin Flat Sheet (I’d used this for table cloth) from World Vintage – $9.00 + $7.00 (for shipping)

Tell me, tell me, what do you think… Would you like Etsy Finds to be a curated set of vintage coolness or should I broaden my horizons and include the whole enchilada (aka all sections of Etsy)?

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Beak & Cam = BABY (Part 2)

Hey Guys!
Remember back in March when I posted about helping my friends Beak & Cam get the nursery together for their soon to be arriving baby girl? Well, we’re still at it.

Cam and Erin (aka Roonz, aka Roonstuff) and myself got together last night and whipped this room into shape. In a few short hours (fueled by delicious lasagna) we assembled the crib and changing table, painted the paneling and hung up some artwork! Yeah team. It was awesome to get so much done in such a short amount of time. The downside of course is there is still so much left to do.

Don’t worry Cam! We’ll get this done before that little girl shows up!

We’ve only got a few short weeks left to finish the room up. We are entering the “final touches phase”, so that’s pretty good progress.

Here’s a list of the things still left to do:
&#9660 Hang Wooded Blackout Blinds
&#9660 Hang Curtain Rods
&#9660 Hang Curtains
&#9660 Install Curtain Tie Back
&#9660 Install Floating Bookshelves
&#9660 Style & Accessorize Shelves with Vintage Books and Artwork
&#9660 Hang Remaining Artwork
&#9660 Crib Mattress
&#9660 Crib Sheets
&#9660 Install Switch Plate
&#9660 Changing Pad
&#9660 Changing Pad Cover
&#9660 Purchase Storage For Under Changing Table
&#9660 Acquire a Crocheted Throw
&#9660 Crib Bedding/Quilt (Grandma is all over that)
&#9660 Make a Bird Mobile

I’ve updated the moodboard to reflect the direction of the nursery. When we finish I’ll do a whole huge post with sources and all. For now, if you have questions, leave a comment, I’d be happy to get back to you.

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Block it To Me

All aboard the color blocking train!

Yeah, I just did that. I totally couldn’t help picking up that small jar of pink fluorescent paint last week at the hardware store. I’ve been on a total pink and black and white kick ever since I made Cam’s shower invitations in April. It’s even inspired the recent look of the blog. So yeah, throwing that can of paint in my cart was a no brainer. If you haven’t noticed color blocking has been showing up all over the internet, and I needed to get in on the action. I just HAD to color block the crap out of some stuff. My first victim is my bed side table. Those pink legs look pretty damn good with my yellow lamp, wouldn’t you say?

Another photo in case you needed more.

And for good measure, Bruce.

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Obviously when I dreamt about cutting down the tree on the side of our house on Friday night, that meant that Saturday morning I had to get up, go to the hardware store, get a saw, come home and start sawing. Obviously.

I’ve had beef with this crooked tree for awhile. Can you blame me? First of all, it’s a quarter dead and super ugly. Second it’s growing into the electric lines and the house, thirdly it’s totally crooked. All bad things for a tree to be. So on Saturday the 5th of May, this tree came down.

Reason’s this baby didn’t come down sooner? I actually feel bad about cutting down a 25 year old tree, even though it’s crooked and ugly, and ugly not in a charlie-brown-tree sort of way, but a really-truly ugly sort of way. It’s not my fault though, it’s the fault of the person who planted a potentially 40 foot tall evergreen between two houses on a small city lot.

We started with the branches, I cut ’em as high as I could reach, and then Jeff did as far as he could reach. Then we got out our kitchen step stool, cause we don’t own a ladder, what? Yeah, we’re tough like that.

Finn is totally into this whole process. He’s the guy that throws the branches in a pile.

Now it’s time to get out the big guns. Jeff and I figure that there is no way this tree could actually weigh more than 30lbs, ha. We are dumb. So we decide to just cut it and then gently lower it into the yard, double ha. So I saw away while he makes sure it doesn’t lean to far into the wires above. Before we know the thing is coming down and it does not weigh 30lbs, it weighs like 200lbs and it is going wherever it wants to go, which is over the fence and onto our newly planted vegetable garden. AHHH. We are dumb, or I am, cause I had the dream. Anyway, we were lucky that this tree did not fall on our house, or on our neighbors house, or the power lines.
Fer real.

Now the fun begins. You know I love an excuse to take a trip to the nursery. We didn’t really know what we wanted to get to replace the spruce tree but we knew that it needed to be small in size and width and we preferred something flowering.

We narrowed it down to 3 choices, a weeping Ruby Tears crabapple, a Peegee Hydrangea and a Japanese Maple. We ended up choosing the crabapple, because the size was good, it grows to 10 feet tall and 10 feet wide. Our neighbors bedroom window is on the other side of the of the fence so it would be ideal to find something that offered him, and us, privacy. Plus I totally love thought of a small flowering tree in the corner of our garden.

For sentimental reasons I wanted a crabapple because when we moved in we got the crabapple in the front yard for Finn, and I thought it would be sweet to have another in honor of Gus. So there you have it, total cheese fest.

This Ruby Tear crabapple is a new breed of crabapple. It’s a weeping tree and can be pruned to whatever shape we like. When it’s mature it will resemble the shape of an umbrella. I think it will look really cool.

I’m really excited about the new set up, it’s weird not having that tree take up that space, but I think the new tree, will fit the bill and look pretty awesome too, once it gets more grown up, AND I’m glad we didn’t die taking down that other tree. Whoops.

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