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The Bathroom : It’s Coming Along

Yes! Glad I can finally share with you a bit of what I've been working on in the bathroom. I started on the bathroom all "gung-ho-like" back in September one night, and then I just stopped. This was one of the times that my genius and very smart method of throwing paint up on the walls as a form of dedicating myself to a project did not work. I had high hopes for this bathroom READ MORE
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My Favorite Bar Carts

The Life Styled - TOP LEFT Featured in Lonny Magazine from Domino's editor Deborah Needleman - BOTTOM RIGHT I couldn't resist!! I had to share with you my favorite bar carts that inspired my much more masculine bar set up which I posted about last week. I love all of these carts for how light, soft and colorful they all are, which mine, self admittedly, is not. Although I wish I could pull off READ MORE
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Follow Me On Instagram!

Hey Guys, I wanted to take a sec and invite you to follow my official Deuce Cities Henhouse Instagram account (@deucecitieshenhouse). I know some of you have been following me already at(@scoopers), and — although that's totally tyte of you — I can only imagine you are probably getting sick seeing my kids ALL THE TIME. If you like that kind of thing, please continue to follow me there. But, READ MORE
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Yeah, You Probably Need a Holiday Bar Cart

Cool, I am excited! It's holiday time, and that means party time! In anticipation of all the impending imbibing I will be taking part in the coming weeks, I took it upon myself to put together a nice little bar cart (table). If you recognized that bar table as the side table from the living room you win! This poor table is currently homeless because we have a huge Christmas tree taking its READ MORE
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Gettin’ a Tree and Other Stuff Too

Oh man, there is so much to do this time of year. Sorry if I've been MIA. The spirit of the season has gotten me in full on "get your shit together" mode. I've been going full steam ahead finishing up as many of the little projects that I have left half way done from earlier this fall. I would love to tell you about them in detail, but I'm not sure that organizing my tv and media cables counts READ MORE
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