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Pro Tip : Don’t Use Drano

Hey guys, here’s a nice little PSA from yours truly. If you have an old house, with old pipes don’t use Drano unless you’d like a new kitchen ceiling. You can thank me for that little tip later.

Here’s the deal. Our bathroom sink was missing the drain stopper, I’ve tried to replace it but the part that connected to the sink was broken (I know, I’m getting really fancy with my plumber lingo). So instead of fixing the problem when stuff would fall down the sink drain, and then eventually backed up, we would just use Drano to clear the clog. It seemed to help with occasional back-ups and we didn’t ever feel like we were abusing it or using it improperly.

Fast forward to last Friday morning. Jeff and I take back-to-back baths in the AM, we go downstairs to make breakfast for the kids and find water all over the kitchen floor. The plumber comes on Saturday and says things are probably not looking good for us and our pipes. Cut to today, the wall/ceiling guy just left and our nice kitchen ceiling is no more. Our old pipes are full of more holes than Stevie Nick’s nose. Tomorrow the plumbers are back and we hope to have our ceiling back to “normal” by sometime next week. I foresee cocktails in my future.

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  • Cam August 29, 2012

    Whoa! Not Cool! You have to get one of those drain unclogger sticks, they work so good!

    • Scoops August 29, 2012

      I totally tried that, it never worked for us. I think the cloggy spot was way down there.

  • hannah August 29, 2012

    Unforeseen plumbing and electrical problems are THE WORST. We bought a ’54 Cape Cod style rancher and the previous owners seemed to have updated mostly everything. About a year later, we had some sort of breaker box blow out that resulted in loss of power for about 5 days and an electrician bill of multiple thousands of dollars. The past owners had hooked up the jacuzzi tub, air conditioner, and a multitude of other things to circuits that couldn’t handle that much power. We were just lucky that we didn’t have an electrical fire! Makes me miss the days of renting…or better yet, NOT being a grown up. ;)

  • Erik August 29, 2012

    Yikes! Sorry to hear it’s so involved!

  • Sugar Momma August 29, 2012

    Yep, It suckz! Hope you have things back to normal soon .
    It will work better than ever when it is put back together, and NO more Drano!!

  • Sugar Momma August 29, 2012

    P.S> Cocktails sound like the only answer.

  • julee August 30, 2012

    Total bummer, sorry.

  • Lindy September 5, 2012

    Oh, so that’s why people are against Drano. I love me my Drano. It totally beats the alternative of spending 30 minutes digging out hairballs with a hanger. Luckily my pipes are only 15 years old. I think I’ll take the risk.

    Enjoy your skylight while it lasts. ;)

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