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Can you Feel my Rug Buzz?

My New Rug!
Yo Budz!, Thanks for sticking with me there while I was on spring break with the kidrens. Guess what arrived in the mail last week?? That’s right, a new rug for the living room, and yes, I finally decided on one.

You may have noticed that this rug is not the Souk rug from West Elm, but something very similar. You all know how much I debated over that rug. I wanted it so bad, but was afraid of how it would be keeping a white rug with the kids around. Not only that, the Souk comes in 5×8 or 8×10. The 5×8 seemed too narrow for my space, and the 8×10 would’ve been too huge.

Then it happened, I was over at RugsUSA on a whim and I found this rug, and it was on sale, and it came in 6’x9’… for 50% off. The price was too good to pass up, it was less expensive than any rug I had on my list, (even the Ikea stockholm rug). I figured for the price, I wouldn’t feel too bad if in a few years it was too dirty to keep around any more, and for now I am totally in love with it!

It’s so soft and cozy (my dad said it looked furry, but whatever). I find myself actually sitting on the floor to play with the kids. It’s inviting, and nice, and wool, and feels good on your feet, and white, and pretty and I love it so GD much!

I can’t wait for the new furniture to get here so I can see it all together. I know that the overall look won’t change that much, we are basically changing the current furniture out for new pieces with similar lines. But everything will be nice and new, and the best part, it will be stain free! For fun sometime I will show you what’s actually hiding under the black and white throw, over on the chair in the corner.

In other news, it’s ranunculus season! I love these flowers, they’re like roses but way better! I wish I could buy them all year round but over here in Minnesota I can only ever find them for a month or two in the spring. Plus they are super inexpensive so there’s no reason not to pick some up when you’re out.

Kudos to those of you who may have gotten my obscure Nirvana title reference, you belong here :)

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  • Christine April 8, 2013

    OMG! It looks incredible!! And that is really an amazing price. I’m seriously going to measure my living room right now to see if the 8×10 would fit…

    • Scoops April 8, 2013

      Yeah, I don’t really get this rugsusa place. I think they like to make you feel like you are getting a deal by making everything always 50% off. Either way the price is still amazing. The rug is a little sheddy, but according to the site I just need to vacuum it on the reg and it should stop shedding so much. It’s really not that bad though.

      • Scoops April 8, 2013

        Oh and free shipping all the time. The return prices aren’t insane either if something doesn’t work out.

      • DANA WILSON December 7, 2019

        I am thinking of buying this rug… how is the shedding? I had the West Elm and it shed like a beast! Thank you for your input!

  • That is one seriously beautiful rug! I love the tassel thingies on the end….it totally makes it.

    • Scoops April 8, 2013

      Awh, Thanks. I think it makes it too :)

  • Janelle@5053 April 8, 2013

    Seriously, I think we’re bloggy twinsies for sure!!! Especially since I just posted about new rugs this weekend too!

  • Morgan August 5, 2013

    How was your experience with Rugs USA? I just ordered a similar rug from them for an amazing price and then read horrible reviews about their customer service and various other horror stories about purchases.

    • Scoops August 5, 2013

      Hey Morgan, I totally love the rug. I think I’ve had it since April or so, and I’m really happy with it. You have to vacuum it a bunch at first because it will want to shed, but after you get through that period it’s all good. It doesn’t stain either, well at least we haven’t been able to stain it. I even had a kid pour an entire cup of coffee on it and was able to get it out without much trouble. I can’t speak to the customer service side of things, as I didn’t have any issues, nor did I try and return anything. I was happy with the experience and love my beautiful inexpensive rug! I’d be curious to hear which rug you choose.

      • Morgan August 5, 2013

        Thanks so much for your input! Approx how long did it take for you to get the tracking info and actually receive your rug? I’ve read several stories of people receiving a tracking number and then nothing ever appearing and they never received their rug! I guess I’m just a little scared that my rug will never show up. Or maybe I’m just so excited that I’m being impatient ;) the rug I ordered was the Moroccan Diamond Shag Rug. It looks pretty similar!

        • Scoops August 5, 2013

          Yes! I know that rug, I debated between the two. There was something weird that happened to my order, I accidentally ordered it twice because I used their paypal checkout and never received a confirmation the first time, so I went ahead and ordered it again with my visa and had no problem. Then after logging into my account I realized that there were two order numbers. I emailed customer support and they cancelled the first ordered and sent the second. I’m looking back over my records, I ordered on the 21st, got a shipping confirmation on the 27th and received the rug on the 1st of the next month, so it took about 2 weeks from start to finish. I think you can view the status of the order online too, in case that helps with your bad case of awesome-rug-anticipation. I hope it’s everything you were hoping for, I bet it will be!

  • Kate September 1, 2013

    Are you still loving this rug? Really want it but read a lot of reviews on the shedding. I already have a dog that sheds (and I despise the dog hair!) and I’d rather not have a competing rug that sheds too….curious. Thanks!

    • Scoops September 4, 2013

      Hey Kate,

      Sorry for the late response. Just wanted to let you know that I do still love the rug, especially because it’s been easy to clean with the kids, I even got an entire cup of coffee out of it. It does shed a lot, but I vacuum at least once a week and it’s not a problem for me as long as I keep up with it. I would recommend it, but if you really hate a sheddy carpet, don’t get it. I do however think it’s manageable to keep up with though.

      • Raftyn Rignell August 27, 2015

        I know I am way behind the times…but, I should be getting my rug TODAY and your blog and pictures on IG was the main reason I went with that rug. I ended up getting it for 75% off. Super excited. I am nervous to get it though as I feel like a rug purchase should be done in person so you can touch and feel it. When you talk about it shedding is it mostly some extra vacuuming issue or do you actually get fibers on your clothes while sitting down?

        • Scoops August 31, 2015

          Hey! Hope you like your rug. What do you think of it so far? It is a shedder, but only really bad at first. After the first few months its something that isn’t really a big deal.

          • RAftyn August 31, 2015

            So far I love the look but crazy on the shedding. I keep reading that it will go away so crossing my fingers it does. We have 3 small kids so they are rough on everything and right now have white fuzz on them constantly. Question, is vacuuming what I should keep doing? I worry the vaccuum brush could be stirring up more fuzz. Also, realisticlly when did u notice the fuzz amounts going down? Love your wall color too! It inspired my pillow theme :) thanks for the response.

  • carrie October 29, 2013

    hi there! Thank for the post about this rug! question, can you see wear on the rug? For example, is it super flattened in high traffic areas? I want something that doesn’t have a lot or wear and tear and stays lush. Thank you in advance for your help!

  • Andy March 1, 2014

    Hi there,
    I came across this post and I was curious what brand/color paint you used for your walls? Love em!

  • Dina January 22, 2015

    Hi. I came across your post while looking for reviews on the West Elm Souk rug. The one you ended up buying seems too good to be true and it’s so affordable online right now. How is it holding up? I’m fine with the shedding part. I’ll vacuum weekly anyway. Thanks!

    • Scoops January 28, 2015

      It’s great, I guess it’s been about two years now. It’s in our bedroom and it’s great. The shedding has minimized significantly. I like vacuuming too ;)

  • tracey February 21, 2015

    What a beautiful rug, can you please tell me what you paid for shipping?

  • Ellis September 16, 2015

    Thanks for the information on the rug! I was wondering if you could tell me what color the dark lines are in the rug? Are they black or a shade of gray? If a shade of gray, is it more of a brownish/warm gray or a bluish/cool gray?


  • Rachel November 15, 2015

    Could I get the dimensions to your space? I’m trying to decide what size of rug to get, but don’t have dimensions for our new place off the top of my head.

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