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My May Garden

Ruby Tears Crab Apple

I know, I know! It’s June 7th, and here I am with my May Garden post. Believe me when I say, that I have taken all of these photos throughout the month of May, no June pics included here :). It’s always mind blowing how much can change can happen in just one month – seriously not only in the garden but in life too, ya know! The garden was barely popping through at the end of April, and to see all my perennials come back to life over the last few weeks has been amazing. This is always my favorite month of the garden.

I’m bummed that I never got photos of the dogwoods flowering, it was cold and rainy when they were at there peak only 10 days ago, and I never managed to make it outside to snap a few pics. Take my word that they looked super great.

The garden is already feeling unruly this year, I haven’t gotten through my first good weeding of the season. The boulevard is begging me to get out there, and there is still mulching to do too. I usually have this stuff done right away, I’m really doing a bad job this year. We’ve had an extreme start of the season with the whole cabin hunting whirlwind thing. I’ve got some time over the next few days and I hope to give it some extra TLC – it will be whipped back in to shape in no time, proms. I actually kind of like weeding, as long as I can find a shady spot to do it in.

The kids are out of school next Wednesday and thus begins a summer full of kids, kids, and more kids. I look forward to it, but it’s definitely a change of pace. We dive (pun always intended) right into morning swimming lessons at the beach a few days after they get out, I’ll have four kids under my wing so wish me luck.

My head is spinning with cabin plans, and I hope to be back to share a few ideas I’ve got bouncing around in ma brain. Stay tuned.


Veggie Garden




Sun Garden


Caradonna Salvia

Finn and Gus’ favorite plant.


Iris I


Iris II


Iris III


Iris IV




Climbing Rose

Crossing my fingers that the kids don’t crush this guy this year – I put a cage around him for protection from the beasts.


Foundation & Window




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8 comments… add one
  • Becky June 8, 2017

    Your garden is looking great! I think the cool wet spring has delayed some bloom times and we have everything blooming at once–which was quite depressing in early spring and pretty awesome right now.

    • Scoops June 8, 2017

      Thanks, Becky! I agree, the spring made bloom times really confused. Looking back on past years, I can see that for sure now. I feel like the salvia and iris might be a little delayed, and peonies are earlier than usual. The Iris stems are full of water and, drooping over :( Guess that makes for pretty bouquets though.

  • Tisha June 8, 2017

    I am super jealous of your yard. It looks beautiful! Also, I have random hammock questions for you. Do you move that bad boy every time you mow? Do you move it enough to keep the frame from killing the grass? Do the squirrels also try to eat your actual hammock? I’ve had two eaten now and am at a loss as to how to stop it. I tried that liquid pepper, but apparently the squirrels love them some spice.

    • Scoops June 8, 2017

      Hey, Tisha! Squirrels, errrrr. I just had one bite one of my party lights off my strand – they are SOOOOO annoying. However, they haven’t touched my hammock – minus gnawing at the tassels. Last year I moved the hammock every time I mowed, I was hurting the grass more by moving it than leaving it in place, there were lots of gouges. This year I re-seeded early in the spring and have been leaving the hammock in its spot. I mow around it, and use a weed whip to get in around the frame. So far so good! For seed I used a perennial rye and it has been coming in really nicely and standing up to the kids playing all around it, by far my favorite seed to date. I guess the test will be to see how the grass does over the winter.

      • Tisha June 8, 2017

        Thanks for the info! I keep hoping that my dog will once and for all scare the squirrels from my yard, but so far no luck.

  • Barbara June 8, 2017

    I just found you in the spring issue of Do It Yourself magazine. I love what you did throughout your house. Will you add me to your blog list so I can follow you? Thank you!

  • Kay June 8, 2017

    I, too, snapped a bunch of photos of plants today!
    Is it just me, or are our photos never as pretty as seeing everything in real life?
    We just bought that same climbing rose yesterday — Rosa ‘ZLEEltonStrack’.
    Has yours bloomed throughout the season?
    The tag says “sporadic repeat flowering in summer,” so I dunno.

  • Vanessa June 9, 2017

    It’s lovely Scoops! You are a true gardener.

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