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Deuce Cities Henhouse

ORC Week 4 Update : Deuce Cities Henhouse
Okay, Week 4, phew.

This ORC business is is no joke. I think this is the week that will read most boring-est on the internet. Because, basically all I have been doing is painting. I’m so sick of painting. I used to like painting, but for some reason, I’m just over it this time around. I think it’s because I really want to get to the part where I transform that basic Ikea bed of mine into a blue tufted dream. That’ll be when it gets good.

Also it’s spring and my internet BFF, Ashley (psst, The Gold Hive) dared me to call this post : “It just turned spring here, so fuck the ORC, let’s go outside”

I would venture a guess that the change in weather over the last week (aka thank god it’s finally spring) is the other reason I’m not really feeling all this painting and being inside business.

I do have a piece of valuable information to share anyone who might attempt stripping anything one day, it’ a little nugget that I personally taught the internet when I was repainting our kitchen cabinets a few years back. Always use an oil based primer when painting anything in an old house! In addition, I also made a video a long time ago outlining how to perfectly paint anything old and paneled.

Have you ever painted over oil with latex? The paint immediately gets gummed up or doesn’t “stick” to the surface you are trying to paint.

I was an impatient dummy and decided to paint my newly stripped door straight with no primer. Can I remind you that I had toiled over stripping paint off this door over the last week. Ugh, why am I so dumb? The paint immediately became thick, sticky, and sludgy as soon as I brushed it on. It totally ruined my perfect pristine virgin wood. I even tried sanding it off, but it’s so thick that it just gums up my sander. I was convinced this mess was the strippers fault, I thought that there must be some stripper residue that didn’t come off, and never would come off. I didn’t know what to do, except to go visit my buds at the hardware store, and was soon reminded that it was probably actually oil residue from a old paint. Duh.

The best thing to do in this predicament is use an oil based primer to adhere to the surface, then lightly sand it before applying a latex paint.

Lesson learned, I have one side of a door that has some stupid looking brush strokes and messed up panels, and then I have the other side of the door that is basically perfect. At least it’s just a closet door, right?

ORC Week 4 Update : Deuce Cities Henhouse

As I mentioned in the vid, another lesson I learned, is that it’s really easy to paint a radiator with one of those small 6″ rollers. Also, they make radiator brushes for all the really hard to get to spots! They are just think enough to get back in all the grooves of the radiator. Two times in the past I have painted radiators in my home with spray paint. It’s such a huge mess! Using the roller and brush was soooo easy.

ORC Week 4 Update : Deuce Cities Henhouse ORC Week 4 Update : Deuce Cities Henhouse ORC Week 4 Update : Deuce Cities Henhouse ORC Week 4 Update : Deuce Cities Henhouse

Next week is when the fun really starts. I am so excited to get at upholstering the new bed. It’s going to look so great in the space. I’m really excited to see if I can make my brass wall trellis a reality too. The real fun is about to begin, people!

If you happen to be visiting this site because you are coming from the ORC, whazzzup? My name is Alison, and this blog is where I’ve been hanging out for the last 9 (!) years. Here is where I share my design inspiration, DIY adventures, and tips I learn from my feet-first approach to home improvement. As a bonus I’ve been able to meet a lot of cool people along the way. My fam and I live in a 108-year-old Minneapolis four-square craftsman home. You can check out a quick house-tour right here. Last summer, my husband I purchased an A-frame style cabin in need of a little TLC in the heart of Western Wisconsin (aka West Wisco). After six months of elbow grease, our cabin is on the verge of relative stardom – it recently hosted a photoshoot with Better Homes & Gardens, oh and the fam and I got to be in it too ;) You can check the feature in the upcoming December 2018 issue!

I’m super stoked to get started and can’t wait to share more. Make sure to check in on the other guest participants, and all of the super talented featured designers. I am especially into the artwork Emily painted for her guest bedroom, I can’t wait to see how Stacy’s old porch comes together – fingers crossed she has good enough weather to see it through, and I always love seeing an old home well loved and Cathy knows how to love them – Daphne’s nursery is going to be nuts, I know it.

Week 1 : The Design Plan
Week 2 : The Restoration Begins
Week 3 : Window and Door Restoration

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  • Jessica | Petal + Ply April 25, 2018

    Glad your back was feeling better enough to get all that painting accomplished! I can’t believe it’s already week 4. Super excited to see your tufted bed project. Sounds lovely!

    • Scoops April 27, 2018

      Oh, Jessica! It was feeling better-ish and then I pushed it and now I am laying flat on my back again. Fingers crossed that I can heal up in time to finish this room.

  • Vanessa April 25, 2018

    The windows look really good Scoops! I should learn to do that with the weights and balances. My husband always used to do it and I never tried. Lame of me, I know.

    • Scoops April 27, 2018

      Thanks, Vanessa! It’s not lame of you – we all have our things we do :)

  • Michelle @ Eamonn & Jack April 25, 2018

    I wish I was at the painting stage, but sadly . .. . Thanks for the heads-up on the radiator brushes – I didn’t know they existed and my place has several that need a new coat of paint!

    • Scoops April 27, 2018

      Isn’t it amazing that radiator brushes exist? They might even come in handy for cutting in in hard to reach areas. I still have some touching up to do, but I am happy to be almost calling painting done.

  • Susanne April 26, 2018

    I am right there with you on painting, I love painting until about half way through then I wonder what the heck was I thinking, lol!! That radiator looks awesome and great recovery on the door!! I am excited to see your bed!

    • Scoops April 27, 2018

      Thanks, Susanne! I am excited to get at making that bed. I don’t know if you feel the same way, but I think my painting projects are getting bigger too. I used to just paint walls, now I am adding trim, molding, sashes, doors and radiators to the mix too. I should know better!

  • Emily @ The Sweet Beast April 26, 2018

    I. am. with. you. this. biz. is. no. joke.
    Can’t wait for that tufted bed. Can’t wait for you to get to work on that tufted bed.
    Love an oil based primer.
    I am so jealous of your radiators. Someone took ours out years ago and replaced them with baseboard heaters and I’ve never hated anything more. THANK YOU FOR THE ART LOVE <3
    End of stream of consciousness comment.

    • Scoops April 27, 2018

      I love oil based primer too, I have no idea what I was thinking using a latex bases primer. I really don’t. I guess it’s been awhile? That is such a major bummer about your radiators, who is this dummy? I’m loving following along on your room :)

  • Casey April 26, 2018

    I’m procrastinating my painting right now (I too want to get to the good part of decorating lol) Good luck!

    • Scoops April 27, 2018

      Yeah, let’s just skip this whole painting business!

  • ok, I need to meet your friend because that title is perfect! I am so with you, my post this week felt so lame, we had lots that happened but not much to show. I love how paint transforms a space. I cannot wait to check back in next week.


    • Scoops April 27, 2018

      Thanks, Danielle! I did have to take an afternoon and just go work in the garden because it’s so GD nice out!

  • Mila April 27, 2018

    I am excited to see that new bed!!!!! Painting can be tedious but you are ALMOST there.. about the door, don’t worry about it, for now, the photos look good and that is all it matters for the reveal, but lesson learned… I have learned that lesson, too.

  • Barbara April 28, 2018

    I feel your pain! I painted a cabinet for the ORC and was cursing the whole time-why the hell did I join the ORC? Now I am scrambling to get sewing done. Can’t wait to see your room turn out!

  • Your tips for painting over old oil-based paint will surely save lots of headaches and time. Priming first takes time but in the end you want the best finish possible for all your efforts. The closeup of the radiator details is fantastic. I can’t wait to see your room come together!

    I’m sorry about your back issues, I totally understand how moving the wrong way can quickly take us out, and hamper our progress.

  • Brittany Goldwyn May 1, 2018

    So my update for week 5 is going to be the most boringest ever too. Also: every time I see a black interior door, I want to paint all of my interior doors black.

  • Kelley May 4, 2018

    What brand of paint and primer did you use to paint the radiator? We have ugly 80s-fabulous baseboard heaters in our house and even more rad is the fact that they’re rusting. Dingy white + rust marks = gross. We need to paint them, but don’t want the paint to peel off or curl because of the heat. Would you recommend a particular kind of paint that can handle heat?

  • Robyn Anderson June 8, 2018

    Hi! I have the same question as Kelley. What kind of paint do you use on the radiators?

  • Patsy Hastings June 20, 2018

    Well, I was enjoying looking at all you have done and painted until I came to ORC week 4 and you ruined everything by the words that you used in the blog. So I wouldn’t read another word you ha e written or will write and I am going to tell everybody how excited I was about your blog UNTIL I read this sentence. It said you have a family well shame on you!!!!!! Lady can you not even blog about this without profanity. That is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patsy Hastings June 20, 2018

    Well, I was enjoying looking at all you have done and painted until I came to ORC week 4 and you ruined everything by the words that you used in the blog. So I wouldn’t read another word you ha e written or will write and I am going to tell everybody how excited I was about your blog UNTIL I read your profanity, but be assured I will not disclose which blog or whom it was that put it out there for all to read!!!!!!My goodness lady can you not blog without using profanity? It said you have a family well shame on YOU. That is totally ridiculous!!!

    • Scoops June 20, 2018

      Fuck yeah I like to use profanity and I have a family! Can you fucking believe it?

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