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One Room Challenge : Sink or Swim
Hey guys. Well, we made it to week 5 of the ORC! It’s been a crazy one. As soon as I finished up my vid for last week’s ORC I threw out my back again. I probably had pushed my recovery too hard the previous week. Never have I ever felt to old and incapable. It truly sucks!

With the help of some friends and some light work from the comforts of my bed, I was able to make a little progress between yesterday afternoon and today. You can check my status in the vid below.

I’m still in this thing, and I want to see it through, so look for me next Wednesday for the reveal!

If you happen to be visiting this site because you are coming from the ORC, whazzzup? My name is Alison, and this blog is where I’ve been hanging out for the last 9 (!) years. Here is where I share my design inspiration, DIY adventures, and tips I learn from my feet-first approach to home improvement. As a bonus I’ve been able to meet a lot of cool people along the way. My fam and I live in a 108-year-old Minneapolis four-square craftsman home. You can check out a quick house-tour right here. Last summer, my husband I purchased an A-frame style cabin in need of a little TLC in the heart of Western Wisconsin (aka West Wisco). After six months of elbow grease, our cabin is on the verge of relative stardom – it recently hosted a photoshoot with Better Homes & Gardens, oh and the fam and I got to be in it too ;) You can check the feature in the upcoming December 2018 issue!

I’m super stoked to get started and can’t wait to share more. Make sure to check in on the other guest participants, and all of the super talented featured designers. I am so obsessed with both Ashley’s Bedroom & Outdoor hang space progress and I am so excited to see how Natasha’s room(s) come out!

Week 1 : The Design Plan
Week 2 : The Restoration Begins
Week 3 : Window and Door Restoration
Week 4 : Paint, Paint & More Paint

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  • <3 <3
    I'm so sorry about your back. I hope you can rest and heal up for good soon. The bed progress looks so good.

  • Jewel May 2, 2018


  • Recruit some helpers to get the space finished! The bed is looking mighty dramatic!

  • Oh, hello! I wasn’t expecting to see you here. I was just browsing my favorite sites on the internet, and here you are!

    I hope your back starts working again! You have less than 4 weeks before I pick you up from the airport. Do not make me rent an ambulance to show you around San Diego in a gurney. Fix that back!

  • Rocky May 3, 2018

    Your poor back! So sorry! Your post caught my eye this week, I swear we chose the same blue velvet for our projects! Are you using Brady Tolbert’s tutorial too? I’m actually building a banquette, but very similar feel. Can’t wait to see your room together…and I love the brass trellis ( I hope you do a tutorial). Feel better!!!

  • Vanessa May 3, 2018

    You are so silly! I watched to the end.

  • Elizabeth Deuhs May 4, 2018

    Oh that back!!! So sorry for you.
    Keep up the fine work!mom

  • Maeve May 4, 2018

    I’ve enjoyed your videos! Sorry to hear about your back. I hope there will be a tutorial for the trellis…I am intrigued!

  • Brittany Goldwyn May 5, 2018

    Holy shit, make me that headboard in black please

  • The headboard looks amazing! So sorry to hear you hurt your back again. I hope you’re feeling better and are able to finish up your space this week.

  • Emy May 7, 2018

    I’m loving that headboard!! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  • Rose J May 8, 2018

    The headboard looks amazing. We would like to try for our next flats for sale in Trivandrum projects

  • Dara May 9, 2018

    The headboard is looking gorgeous! So sorry about your back!

  • Diane Rath May 9, 2018

    I wish I saw this diy headboard just a tad sooner- before I got one made by my upholsterer-lol!

  • Rose J May 16, 2018

    You should make one tutorial for headboard, so that we can try for this our next flats in Trivandrum project.

  • Susann May 28, 2018

    Awesome one room challenge. Love the dark blue bed. Have a navy blue bed myself, so cozy ;). And the wall trellis . How did you build it or it looks like you did get a set/kit somewhere. Can you please share ☺️

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